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Oct 11

Get some professional advice/coaching/mentoring from a trusted and experienced source—says Terrell Owens

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Business Models , Entrepreneurship , Family , Finance , Firestone Institute , Investing , Life Coaching , PB4L , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Sports & Entertainment

[Excerpt from Gadgets and Gizmos—how to tell if you own a real business or just an expensive hobby  available from,] I realize this is a somewhat self-serving headline since I am a real estate investment and business coach and my spouse is a California-based CTI[1]-trained life coach, but don’t take my word for it—listen […]

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Jul 11

How to pitch anything

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture , Business Coaching , Business Models , Entrepreneurship , Finance , Firestone Institute , Ideas , Investing , PB4L , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Sales & Marketing , Sports & Entertainment , Urban Economics

Book review of Pitch Anything, an innovative method for presenting, persuading and winning the deal by Oren Klaff, With insights from Bruce M Firestone, PhD Plus, how a yoga teacher went from earning just over $30k a year to more than $100k Plus, how Prof Bruce successfully pitched the NHL for an expansion franchise […]

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May 16

40 Ottawa Senators Trivia Answers

By Bruce Firestone | Sports & Entertainment

[If you’d like to send this quiz to your friends without the answers, use this link,] Q1 Which of the following are not founders of the modern era Ottawa Senators? Randy Sexton Bruce Firestone King Clancy Cyril Leeder Answer: King Clancy Q2 When did the modern era Senators start playing again in the NHL? […]

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