Disaster also brings opportunity… for a new beginning
A client of mine asks, "Hi Bruce, what are your thoughts on real estate and the economy over the next[...]
Purrdy Paws innovative self-capitalization idea
Purrdy Paws Mobile Grooming Spa founder Jayme Montero started with nothing. A teen mom, she had a “crazy” idea—to start[...]
40 Ottawa Senators Trivia Answers
[If you'd like to send this quiz to your friends without the answers, use this link,] Q1 Which of[...]
40 Ottawa Senators Trivia Questions
[Try answering these 40 Sens trivia questions yourself, then check your answers against Prof Bruce’s,] Q1 Which of the following[...]
Prof Bruce real estate investment trivia quiz ANSWERS
If you'd like to send the quiz (sans answers) to your friends, use this link, 1. in which decade[...]
Prof Bruce real estate investment trivia quiz
See how well versed you are in terms of real estate investing... try answering these 25 questions then check your[...]
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