Do you feel like you are part of TEAM OTTAWA?
City of Ottawa Official Plan Poll Results and Analysis by Bruce M Firestone, PhD Decisions by municipal government can be[...]
So, you think you know cap rates
OK, you are a real estate investment whiz. Then see if you can answer this question about cap (capitalization) rates:[...]
City of Ottawa committee votes in favor of Airbnb ban
[Note: feature image is international symbol for human rights.] So, a city committee has voted in favor of effectively banning[...]
Walking Small
I talk a lot about animation of individual properties--how to add new revenue streams to your real estate investment portfolio[...]
Warren Buffett’s secret sauce revealed in a single paragraph
Think about it—Mr Buffett has been buying stock in well-managed, top brands for many decades. These stocks (for the most[...]
CFRA Experts on Call with Sean McCormick, Bruce Firestone and Dave Watts
If you missed it, here's Sean McCormick, expert mortgage broker, and Bruce M Firestone, real estate investment and business coach,[...]
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