Patrick Francey, the everyday millionaire, and Prof Bruce podcast
Mr Francey interviews Bruce M Firestone on Patrick's everyday millionaire podcast: -how to find your why -if you want[...]
A million dollar TFSA sounds great except…
A million-dollar TFSA,, sounds great except I'm not 100% convinced about these assumptions: a) earning 4.7% yearly, compounding annually,[...]
How to turn $7.2 million into half a billion dollars
I spoke with my friend Victor Menasce about the Ottawa Senators, the NHL, real estate investment and more on his[...]
Making better decisions
There are some benefits to getting older. You tend to have more patience and perspective; you tend to make better[...]
Rent-to-own business model
I usually don't really like rent-to-own (R2O) models either from an investor's POV (point of view) or from a client's[...]
How to give minimum wage workers a raise
[Excerpt from soon-to-be-published Gadgets and Gizmos, Bruce M Firestone, 2020] How could you give workers in the fast food industry[...]
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