Melody Place: bringing back the magic
In the early days of the Ottawa Senators, it was all about creating magic in terms of building design and[...]
Mister 1000% ROI
Any time someone offers you investments with returns of 1000% per year, you are right to be skeptical, but this[...]
Claudio in Merida Mexico has his own PB4L (personal business for life)
His name is Claudio. He comes to Merida (where there are wealthy tourists) from Oaxaca (gastronomic capital of Mexico) once[...]
White Angel of Merida Mexico
This silent angel in downtown Merida (aka Centro) offers you one slip of paper to guide your future. For 20[...]
Path to creating affordable housing is out there but only possible if cities and towns make it so
Are you familiar with the BBC series From Lark Rise to Candleford? It’s about life in two neighboring places in[...]
The Value of Sticking together
Most people know about the prisoner’s dilemma even if it’s just intuitively rather than explicitly— Two people are accused of[...]
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