It would be daffy for my daughter to sell her home
We helped one of my daughters (I have five children) buy a home four years ago for $345,000. We added[...]
Making Retail Spaces Pandemic/Internet/Big Box Store Resistant
At the beginning of this pandemic, folks asked me what I thought would happen to real estate values. I believed[...]
22 ways to get more listings
Since a number of my readers and coaching clients are realtors, I thought I’d lay something down here for them.[...]
What will our economy look like after the global pandemic subsides?
I am optimistic that the global economy will recover but it will be vastly different. Overall, it may not only[...]
Royal LePAGE Performance Realty Spring 2021 Training Program
By Bruce M Firestone, PhD, Royal LePAGE Performance broker, Ottawa Senators founder, real estate investment and business coach How to[...]
Commercial or residential at grade, which is better for the bottom line?
I can’t believe that other landowners/property owners haven’t figured out how to repurpose their retail space to live-work-play-make spaces, all[...]
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