Michael Jordan and CMRR, Committed Monthly Recurring Revenues
AIR JORDAN BREAKS THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE Bruce M Firestone, PhD I learned recently (mind you from watching an[...]
First client advantage
Want to know how important a 1st client is? Well, read on... Suppose you and your spouse are walking past[...]
Leo Muldoon has passed
May he #RIP. Leo got me out of all sorts of scrapes including one wintry day he had his almost[...]
Backyard Oasis Course
How to add not only beauty to any property but make it more profitable too plus how to turn this[...]
Melody Place: bringing back the magic
In the early days of the Ottawa Senators, it was all about creating magic in terms of building design and[...]
Mister 1000% ROI
Any time someone offers you investments with returns of 1000% per year, you are right to be skeptical, but this[...]
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