Why naming your buildings or properties is important
I am into naming things (like the elves in Tolkien’s Middle Earth did–they spent their first few tens of thousands[...]
Easy Button
I think that all organizations--even NFPs (not for profits), charities and foundations--need an effective way to connect with their marketplace.[...]
Three Laws of Power Selling
[Note: this is an excerpt from Entrepreneurs Handbook II,] Here are Firestone’s Three Laws of Power Selling. First, I’ll[...]
Hong Kong Real Estate Cap Rates
A friend’s 500 sq ft (approximate), 3-room apartment in a Hong Kong tower in a  desirable neighborhood is worth $4[...]
Top 10 most important entrepreneur attributes
Asked by Telfer School of Management's Catherine Elliott to rank the top 10 most important attributes an entrepreneur should have[...]
A walk through time
Here’re some artifacts from Ottawa Senators founder Bruce M Firestone, PhD, now on deposit with city of Ottawa Archives, In[...]
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