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“There's these things called books.... it's like TV for smart people,” Bill Bryson explains to his friend Stephen Katz as they attempt to hike the 2,200-mile (3,500 km) Appalachian Trail, A Walk in the Woods, Doubleday, 1997

Below are books I've written for the education and enjoyment of my students and clients.  You can also find a LIST OF BOOKS I HIGHLY RECOMMEND here.

Quantum Entity the Movie, Generation Q [student film]

I recognize a lot of myself in what he writes...

I’ve been devouring Prof Bruce’s book ‘Don’t Back Down’ ever since I downloaded it; in fact, I recognize a lot of myself in what he writes, and I’m inspired by the story to work even harder to make my town soar.

Alain Miguelez - City of Ottawa planner


Bruce’s books are motivating to say the least.

Michael S Mynott, - President, Mynott Construction

Full of fascinating detail and great footnotes and references...

Every page of Don’t Back Down is full of fascinating detail and great footnotes and references… it’s a masterpiece and should be a reference book for real estate development as well as Ottawa and league history. Getting this city into the NHL has transformed Canada’s capital and made it a world-class place to live and work; even Americans know where Ottawa is now! Big congrats!

Michael Cowpland - Corel Corporation founder, Mitel cofounder, founder

Bruce Firestone has a storyteller’s gift

We’re anchored in Abraham Bay in Mayaguana Bahamas waiting for a weather window. Once trade winds settle down, we’ll head for the Turks and Caicos. I made the mistake of starting to read Don’t Back Down and now I can’t stop. Damn it’s good.

I really like the mix of entrepreneurial asides mixed in with the franchise story. Bruce Firestone has a storyteller’s gift. Then, after reading for a few more hours last night, he got me so psyched, I dug out my laptop and started worked on my business plan for my next startup for a few hours. He got me wanting to ditch sailing for entrepreneurial life again.

Rick Escher - Recovering tech founder

Don’t Back Down is one of the best books I’ve ever read!

Don’t Back Down is one of the best books I’ve ever read! It had just the right amount of facts and humor relative to one of the major milestones in Ottawa’s history. It not only gives us the inside scoop on the founding of the modern era Senators and the inner workings of the National Hockey League, it also shows how difficult childhood experiences can sometimes help build determination in us as adults to pull off miracles

Don Mason

Couldn't put it down...

I really loved Don’t Back Down—from travels to far-off Australia and fistfights as a scrappy young boy all the way to dealing with a not-to-be-trusted government when trying to do something great for his hometown and nation, this incredible true story of how Bruce Firestone and his young team of execs, most of them straight out of school, brought back the Senators and the NHL to Ottawa against all odds and tough US and Canadian competition… is a must-read for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the magic entrepreneurs bring to any industry. I literally couldn’t put it down.

Russ Salo - Founder of GPS to Go

Went through so many emotions reading this...

Don’t Back Down changed my life. Having not read many books in my life I can’t consider myself an expert, but I will tell you that for me I chose the best book that I could ever have read. I absolutely went through so many emotions reading this—from laughter to crying, from cheering to anger, from motivating to humbling. This book should be mandatory reading for all your students before going any further in Prof Bruce’s coaching program.

Rick Bedard - Real estate investor and tech guru, former owner of the largest Dallas Cowboys online gear store

A terrific storyteller...

If you really want to understand how big-league sports expansion works and why it matters, then this extraordinary chronicle by Bruce Firestone, a terrific storyteller, is for you.

David Perry - Author of Hiring Greatness

Bruce Firestone’s got to be the toughest Timex ever...

Bruce Firestone’s got to be the toughest Timex ever–he took a lickin’ but kept on tickin!

Gary Greer - Real estate developer
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