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Apr 15

Stupid Zoning Rules

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture , Business Coaching , Business Models , Design , Entrepreneurship , Finance , Ideas , Investing , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Urban Economics

Here’s an excerpt from a book I wrote (Jenna’s Story, in which Jenna McConnell launches into a diatribe on how stupid zoning regulations help the top .01% (which she calls “Big Mules” or “Equity Lords”) control almost all the levers of political and economic power. Jenna is from South Carolina and proudly speaks like […]

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Apr 09

Who needs a basement or sideyard apartment or a backyard coach house?

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture , Design , Finance , Ideas , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Sales & Marketing , Urban Economics

If you talk to many developers like I do, the answer to this question is often, “No one” or “Not many.” I disagree. Market segments which need the extra income or space include: -seniors who need extra income for their retirement-millennials who need extra income to help pay their mortgages -investors who need higher cap […]

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Apr 06

Do you use historical prices or FMV when calculating cap rates?

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Finance , Investing , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Urban Economics

It’s complicated. A client of mine is doing a PAAN (property animation and analysis report) for a client of his. He writes and asks me the above question. Here below is my response… That is an excellent question, David. Truly. The honest answer? It depends. Say you bought a home in Ottawa in 1980 for […]

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Mar 19

Ever wonder why Canadiens mid-week games are on TV in Ottawa and the Leafs aren’t?

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Business Models , Entrepreneurship , Finance , Sports & Entertainment

Blame me. Here’s an excerpt from Don’t Back Down, the real story of the founding of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators and why big leagues matter that I wrote for the 25th anniversary of the Sens that explains why… When the modern-era Sens were re-established in the 1990-1992 period, we did a deal with the Canadiens […]

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