Dawn Firestone – Keyperson and Life Coach

‘My goal is to help people become more successful—personally and professionally.’

I am a  International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed coach with experience in corporate communications and nonprofit leadership.  I am accredited by  California-based Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and work with individuals, small teams and organizations to break through limitations and change obstacles into opportunities.

I have more than 20 years’ experience in Public Relations, Corporate Communication and Community Development with 5+ years leading nonprofits  focused on supporting Canada’s visual and performing artists. I am committed to paying it forward and a devoted volunteer (over 5 years with the Ottawa Distress Centre/currently incoming President, ICF Ottawa Chapter) .

What if you…

  • Wanted to take stock of what is going on in your life?
  • Pushed and set big goals for yourself?
  • Made choices that were aligned with where you want to go?
  • Had tools to help you achieve success?
  • Improved your performance and productivity at work?
  • Were more focused?
  • Felt more fulfilled?

I help you succeed!



Areas of Expertise

  • Values, both personal and organizational
  • Focus, prioritization and accountability
  • Leadership style and perception (self and others)
  • Self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills and style
  • Personal Brand *
  • Self care
  • Work/Life Blend
  • Confidence

* Says, Glenn Llopis in his article for Forbes Magazine entitled Personal Branding Is A Leadership Requirement, Not a Self-Promotion Campaign: “A personal brand is the total experience of someone having a relationship with who you are and what you represent as an individual; as a leader.”


Coaching Sessions

  • Coaching sessions vary in length but are usually one to two hours
  • Generally delivered over the phone, but may be in-person upon request or, via Sykpe or Zoom if the client feels the need to meet face-to-face
  • First session is a discovery session wherein the focus of the coaching is established
  • The coachee is the client with regards to confidentiality – s/he is at liberty to share outside the coaching relationship, but the coach may not without express authority from the coachee
  • Coaching is scheduled at a mutually convenient time between the coach and the coachee
  • Coach/coachee and/or manager establish coaching goals together
  • Goals are tracked and measured based on individualized criteria


6-Week Program for Individuals

GPS Yourself – Find your True North

 GPS stands for Guided Personal Strategy.  It is a unique approach developed by myself and a colleague, both credentialed, certified coaches. The program is built upon a tried and true methodology; it is serious work that resonates with who one is.  The participant establishes a clear connection between his/her values and goals that will fit into THEIR big picture. By setting goals that are tightly coupled with their values, they will advance on the roadmap of their life.

“This GPS journey is a MUST DO to help you find your true north star. An amazing experience that leaves you thirsty for more.” – Lise B.

“I participated in a GPS Yourself: Find Your True North workshop facilitated, in part, by a fabulous professional coach—Dawn MacMillan Firestone. She is original and creative, and delivers insight that taps into multiple intelligences ensuring you are actively engaged… You come away with an experience that moves you to a whole other level; you find out what is stopping you and what is propelling you forward so you can do more of the latter and less of the former,” Roxann

The individual program can be adapted for small teams (up to 10) and can be completed in a full-day workshop.


12 Signs You Are Working With A Coach

  1. You get more enjoyment out of life                                                          7. You’re no longer scared of/ ruled by your inner critic
  2. You’re clear on what really matters to you                                             8. You worry less about things that may never happen
  3. You confidentily use your strengths                                                        9. You boldly go for what you want in life
  4. You feel more connected to yourself and others                                  10. You are full of OPTIMISM and IDEAS
  5. You follow through and get stuff done                                                   11. You are learning to express the beauty of who you are
  6. You learned the importance of the word ‘no’                                        12. You feel truly thankful for your life and everything in it

Case study 1


In the early days of my practice, a senior executive came to me with a problem—he was working harder than ever but making less money and leaving less time for his family. He couldn’t understand why it was happening to him and what he could do about it.


Over the next few sessions, we worked on finding his true purpose—the things he was most passionate about and which made him the most money. We also tried to locate his inner saboteur—the thing holding him back, which, frankly, was not that hard to find.

You see smart people find it easy to pick up tasks as they go but find it hard to let them go. As a result, they tend to become bogged down in urgent but unimportant chores.

In one session, I asked him, “So how many goals, Bill (not his real name), do you actually have?”

His answer, “I don’t really know,” so, for our next session, I asked him to write them down. Turns out, he had 42. 42!


Over the next year, Bill, with my encouragement, got in a lot of practice using the word, “No.”

He whittled down his list of goals from 42 to 5, after which his income tripled while his hours of work stayed about the same.

Interestingly, he also found that he became much more creative as he narrowed his focus to those areas where he was truly an expert. So, his client work, client satisfaction with his work and his writing also improved.

A more productive, happier Bill also carried over to his personal life where his relationships with his spouse and six adult children also improved.


Case Study 2


Emily’s employer contacted me expressing concern about Emily’s promotability. Over the past two years, she showed great promise but recently was underperforming and not communicating with other staff members. Emily was one of the senior-most employees and the growth of the firm depended on her ability to let go of her current role and move into a management position.


We agreed on 8 sessions over 3 months to work on the skills Emily would need to succeed in her new role: delegation, time management, emotional intelligence, work/life blend, confidence, work ethic, job satisfaction.

Emily had something in common with Bill, quick to pick up new things, she felt she could do them faster and better and felt frustrated when new employees couldn’t keep up. The more frustrated she became, the more she alienated herself from those around her, including her family.


Over the next 3 months, we explored what was getting in her way; the cost/benefit of delegating for her and her employer; her communication style – learning to WAIT (why am I talking?); how to set boundaries to be more fulfilled; how to shift perspective; how to lead from within. Emily progressed quickly, often coming to our sessions with solutions already worked out.

At the end of the contract, her employer remarked,

“As for Emily, she just got back from vacation and she’s been great. Even before she left … productivity, confidence, assertiveness as well as leadership with the new staff has been great. Not sure what you did but I love it.”

 Emily’s employer now considers our sessions an investment in the firm’s future. He has approved an expenditure on Emily’s coaching up to three times a month on an open-ended, as needed basis. Emily continues to progress, is happier and more productive at work and is beginning to apply what she has learned at home.



“Coach Dawn, I wanted to tell you that your life coaching is absolutely amazing. Within seconds, I felt I was getting help. For the past year, I feel like I’ve made huge strides towards reprogramming myself on the business side and growing as a person as well. Now, after one session with you, I feel this relief and freedom that I’ve never felt before. I cannot wait to get started with my new coach to discover and introduce myself to the real Raymond and phase out my inner saboteur.”

– Ray, business owner (name changed upon request)

“The exercises and coaching I got from Dawn were instrumental in getting me to think deeply about what is important in life and my career. They helped me get a visual on my true purpose. These are the types of things that just keep on giving…”

– Nicole



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