Jenna’s Story, the true tale of Jenna and the Lumans (ebook)

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Jenna’s Story, the true tale of Jenna and the Lumans (ebook)


During her fieldwork one summer at We Camp Montana, a South Carolinian research student in need of middle school aged children on which to test her theories about active learning meets the camp’s founder, a man who cannot remember anything before age 11.

She belongs to a group of abolitionists who want to reduce or eliminate the intrusive nature of technology, especially field generators, implanted at an early age at the base of your neck, which spin up the world around you.

Her involvement in the abolitionist movement along with her own complicated personal situation take a toll on both her and those closest to her.

Finally, she is patient zero in a strange and terrible yet wonderful “plague” that visits the planet, which is somehow related to the mysterious origins of the camp’s founder. It divides humans into three groups—lumans, delumans and the unchanged. Her future is resolved in a way that surprises everyone, especially her.

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