Ninja REal Estate Course And Certificate

2 & ½ days to glory
Bruce M Firestone, PhD

Ottawa Senators founder/ROYAL LePAGE Performance Realty broker/Real estate investment and business coach 

First, a few questions—

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    Do you want to know how to successfully invest your way to real wealth?  Y/N  
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    Do you want to learn how to add real differentiated value to a property portfolio through animation?  Y/N
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    Do you want to understand not only how to invest in residential but also commercial property & land?  Y/N
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    Would you like to know how to develop property to its highest & best use?  Y/N
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    Do you want to become a spreadsheet pro?  Y/N

"Dr Firestone's courses and personal mentoring drastically reduce your learning curve for your next profitable real estate investment or development. His program will make you more money by boosting revenue streams and creating new ones as well as saving on expenses—hands down. If you want to create wealth, this is your way forward,” Nick Legault, president,

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    Are you tired of poor returns on every other kind of investing?   Y/N
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    Are you worried you won’t be able to save millions for your retirement & need an achievable plan?  Y/N
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    Would you like to understand how cities really work and how to create unique projects?  Y/N
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    Do you want to be coached 1 on 1 with by a real estate guru with a track record of success?  Y/N
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    Do you want to develop a superb business model and PB4L, personal business for life?  Y/N
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    Do you want to create, plan and execute one project that provides above average returns?  Y/N
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    Do you want to expand your mind so you see opportunity everywhere & know how to seize it?  Y/N

If you answered yes to the above, then Ninja Real Estate is meant for you. Here’s what we do—

  1. Friday arrival, settling in to your B and B
  2. Friday session, Introduction to Ninja Real Estate and discussion of student goals/business model/plan/project, 3 hours, begins at 2 pm 
  3. Friday private dinner, ninja apprentice(s) with Prof Bruce
  4. Saturday morning session, Real Estate Case Studies, 3 hours, begins at 9 am
  5. Saturday lunch provided

“I definitely recognize the professor in Prof Bruce. I’m truly blown away at the amount of time I am spending outside of listening to lectures and reviewing slidedecks. There are so many links leading to so much information embedded in his presentations... Dr Firestone is truly an amazing wealth of information,” Elliott Tessmer, real estate investor, Saskatoon, SK

  1. Saturday afternoon, Analyzing Opportunities and Property Finance 
  2. Saturday evening, development of student goals/business model/plan/project by ninja apprentice(s)
  3. Sunday morning, Real Estate Business Models and Livable Cities, 3 hours, begins at 9 am
  4. Sunday lunch provided
  5. Sunday afternoon, workshop session to complete student goals/business model/plan/project plus ninja apprentice presentation
  6. Sunday afternoon, receipt of Ninja Real Estate certificate

More about Prof Bruce: Bruce M Firestone, PhD, is best known as an entrepreneur and founder of NHL hockey team, the Ottawa Senators, their home arena, Canadian Tire Centre, and the Ottawa Senators Foundation, a children’s charity, as well as author, professor, coach, consultant, real estate developer, broker and urban guru. Prof Bruce is an effective keynote speaker for organizations with a positive focus on creating opportunity for their stakeholder group. Firestone advises counties, towns and cities as well as economic development agencies on how to develop live-work-play-learn-entertain-make-shop communities based on the principal that is nothing is sustainable unless it is also economically sustainable too. @profbruce @quantum_entity​


making impossible possible


Investment: $5,500 + HST, 50% due upon registration, balance 2-weeks before course begins, maximum enrollment 2 persons

Note: of the 100 wealthiest families in Canada, 61 of them have substantially all of their wealth invested in real estate. If it’s good enough for them, it’s probably OK for you as well.

Location: Prof Bruce’s study, Ottawa, Canada

Stay: topflight, nearby Ottawa bed and breakfast

Included: 1. free PDF copy of Prof Bruce’s mini book Retire Rich Retire Early, 2. free PDF copy of his mini book Real Estate Investing Made Easy, 3. free PDF copy of his mini book Why and Why Not to Invest in Real Estate, 4. copy of Prof Bruce’s newsletter, 5. copies of Prof Bruce’s slidedecks, 6. dozens of spreadsheets, forms and other documents to support successful real estate investing and development, 7. Bonus copy of Bruce’s book, Don’t Back Down, the real story of the founding of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators and why big leagues matter

Included: 1 dinner, 2 lunches (all breakfasts)

Reserve now: Ms Nina Brooks,


Please get a free twitter account and follow @profbruce, @quantum_entity and real estate platform @spirepoint

Please read these three mini books by Dr Firestone (links to be provided to you upon your registration)—

Real Estate Investing Made Easy—How to Get Rich, For Real

Retire Rich, Retire Early

Why and Why Not to Invest in Real Estate

Can you please read this, How to become an Equity Lord,

And this: Things Every Tech or Other Startup Needs to Know about Business Models 

Here’s some more added homework:

1. Watch this 12 minute video, How to really provide for yourself and your family,   

2. Read this, Why You Should Treat Even Your Principal Residence as If it Was a Rental, [After you’ve read the blog post, please watch the Robert Kiyosaki video at the bottom but only after you’ve read the article—about a 1-hour long Kiyosaki video but worth it ?]

3. Read this too, Warren Buffett Methodology Applied to Real Estate Investing,   

Optional extra work—

View: How to properly analyze real estate investments using a spreadsheet, video:  

View: How to calculate cap rates & irr for a duplex and a retail plaza, video:

View: Critical path methodology & scheduling explained, video 

Lastly, some things for you to do/read/prepare and provide to the instructor at least one week before course commencement:

1.            prepare a PBS, personal balance sheet, for yourself and your family—it’s still the simplest, best way to keep track of everything you own and control; [samples will be provided to you upon registration]

2.            complete your real estate goals form; [samples will be provided to you upon registration]

3.            complete what interests you most form [samples will be provided to you upon registration] and get your credit score (unfortunately does not work in Quebec but you can get your score for free from Equifax or TransUnion. Do not sign up for any of their paid services though! Just monitor your credit score from time to time (at least 2x per year)

Reserve now: Ms Nina Brooks,

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