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David “magnetic investor attraction” Dubeau

Here’s the unvarnished, real time video of the entire webinar. Enjoy it!



When: March 28th 2018

Time: 3 pm ET, noon PT until 4:30 pm ET, 1:30 pm PT

How to join in: IT’S A FREE ZOOM CALL—use this link NOW to register,

“Bruce Firestone brings a wealth of real estate and life experience to his real estate and business coaching and keynote speaking practice, which he easily transfers to people like me who seek his advice and counsel, producing amazingly positive results. Prof Bruce empowered me to leave my day job by showing me how create a world class business model and offering real world real estate advice. I’m not missing my day gig one bit, and it’s crazy—we hit the market with Tire Chalet at the perfect time as every large dealer has some appetite for it. I’d never have done it without his encouragement,” Shawn Hebert, real estate investor, founder Total Storage, Tire Chalet, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Who should join in and why?

1.            anyone who is or wants to be a successful real estate investor, developer, owner, property manager—beginner and expert alike will all benefit from Prof Bruce’s unique experience and knowledge

2.            anyone who does not have a defined benefit pension plan

3.            anyone who wants to know how to wisely invest not only in residential real estate but small commercial as well

4.            anyone who wants to learn how to support themselves and their families through real estate and not rely solely on mutual funds, stocks, bonds, financial advisors, insurance, 401(k)s, GICs, t-bills, LIRAs, IRAs, IPPs, TFSAs, RRSPs, precious metals, gold, penfunds, bank savings accounts…

5.            anyone who wants to emulate the wealthiest investors on this planet who already know that real estate is the one thing that doesn’t run away on them

6.            anyone who wants to learn to apply the Warren Buffett methodology to real estate investing

7.            anyone who thinks there’s been no invention and no new revenue streams created in real estate in the last 25 years

8.            anyone who wants to learn how to really create an above-average performing real estate portfolio that’ll sustain you and your family for multiple generations to come…

What will you learn?

-why reality TV real estate investment models are fake and why you should never try to emulate them

-why so many real estate investment coaches today are steering you into things that just don’t work in the real world

-the Warren Buffett methodology applied to real estate investing

“I think I’ve learned more from Prof Bruce in the past year than I had in the entire decade prior. My collective rents are much higher (and my vacancy rate much lower) than when I first came to see Bruce. A lot of the credit goes to him for helping me focus, execute, and learn about how to differentiate my portfolio and animate it too. As a result, I’ve attracted better tenants who are paying higher rents, and enjoying my properties more as well…” Brian Dagenais, Dagenais Properties founder

-real estate business models that will blow your mind and make you successful in real estate, each and every time

-animations—ways to create new revenue streams for your existing portfolio and any additions you make to it that you would never believe existed in real estate (some of which didn’t—they’re brand new!)

Takeaways—what do I get by attending this webinar?

Lots of free stuff including articles, PowerPoint slidedeck, book and video from Bruce M Firestone, PhD—

a)       Why you should treat your principal residence as if it was a rental

b)      The Warren Buffett methodology applied to real estate investing

c)       12 minute video, How to really provide for yourself and your family,

d)      Slidedeck with two case studies

e)      Spreadsheets showing you how to finance your acquisitions and portfolio properly

f)        Spreadsheet showing you why improving your cashflow and cap rates will make a HUGE difference in your financial results

g)       And finally, a copy of Don’t Back Down, the real story of the founding of the NHL’s Ottawa and why big leagues matter, by Bruce M Firestone


URL’s you will need for files associated with this webinar (FREE to download):

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Spy Loft YouTube video:

Please also view:

-how to properly analyze real estate investments using a spreadsheet

-how to calculate cap rates & irr for a duplex and a retail plaza

-how to come up with great names and taglines too

Anything else?


An opportunity to sign up for life-changing coaching by Prof Bruce at a reduced rate!

Book A ‘Clarity Call’ With Bruce

“I realize now that it was my fear holding me back and I’m glad that Prof Bruce helped me push through all that fear, because it has been a great learning experience. I can’t imagine my life without having bought my first investment property… I would probably still be hoping and dreaming to do what I’m doing now. It was a very important lesson to me, that you’ve just got to push through, no matter what could be on the other side,“ Paul C, former public servant, engineer and novice real estate investor  

More about: Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD, Century 21 Explorer Realty broker, Ottawa Senators founder, real estate investment and business coach

“Bruce Firestone has an inspirational message and a voice that will break down the walls,” Carolyn Parker, Triple I Event Services Inc

140-character cv:Bruce’s an entrepreneur/real estate broker, developer & coach/urban guru/keynote speaker/Sens founder/novelist/blogger/peerless husband/dad.

More about our host: David Dubeau, Results Enterprises founder

Author of Magnetic Investor Attraction, 5 Simple Steps to Have Money-Partners Calling, Texting and Emailing You About Your Real Estate Deals (…in 90 Days or Less)

For more information, please contact:

David Dubeau—Results Enterprises, Inc

► Real Estate Entrepreneur
► Best Selling Author, Speaker and Trainer
► Investor Attraction Consulting/Marketing Services


Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD

ROYAL LePAGE Performance Realty broker

Ottawa Senators founder

Real Estate Investment and Business coach



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postscript: by the way, fakery and quackery are nothing new, viz this Hieronymous Bosch painting showing a scene of a Renaissance mountebank/charlatan/faker fleecing credulous/gullible gamblers…


Source of photo: By Hieronymus Bosch and workshop – The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH., Public Domain,