“Prof Bruce is the ultimate real estate investment coach; you don’t only learn about real estate, you learn about life,” Gheorghe Adamache, real estate investor, air traffic control officer, Ottawa, Canada

- Do you want to learn how to build an above average real estate portfolio that'll provide for you and your family in perpetuity?

- Do you want to learn from someone who has actually been a successful developer, investor and real estate broker as well as Ottawa Senators founder plus has a PhD in urban economics?

- Are you tired of the low returns you've been getting on your mutual funds, stocks, bonds, insurance, 401(k)s, GICs, t-bills, LIRAs, IRAs, IPPs, TFSAs, RRSPs, precious metals, gold, and bank savings account?

“Real estate investment coaching with Bruce Firestone has been a great experience. When I first came to Bruce, I explained to him our current situation and that I was looking to expand my real estate portfolio. At that time, I was basically out of ideas—my wife and I had purchased triplex in Little Italy and it was doing ok, but I thought we could be doing better. I thought it was probably time to move on to a new investment but Prof Bruce opened my eyes to a new concept—one he calls “animation.” Instead of immediately moving on to a new property, we examined my current rental property. How could we animate it? We looked at various options. In the end we ended up converting two of the three units into Airbnb suites. We've now increased our cash low from that property by a factor of 10!” Dave Bush, technology worker, real estate investor

- Do you want to learn how to get deals properly financed and closed?

- Do you want to know how to find investors and cash to help you fund your dreams?

- Do you want to know the secrets to getting higher returns via real estate investing?

“I realize now that it was my fear holding me back and I’m glad that Prof Bruce helped me push through all that fear, because it has been a great learning experience. I can’t imagine my life without having bought my first investment property… I would probably still be hoping and dreaming to do what I’m doing now. It was a very important lesson to me, that you’ve just got to push through, no matter what could be on the other side,” Paul C, former public servant, eningeer and novice real estate investor

- Do you want to find a great piece of real estate for your enterprise, one you can own not rent, animate and profit from?

- Do you want to find a great location for your tech company, your service business, your organization/not-for-profit/charity and not get taken advantage of by your landlord?

- Do you want to learn how to buy smart, hold and grow rich using Warren Buffett's philosophy of tax-free refinancing?

“I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance and support over the last two years. I’ve learned more from you in that time than I have from 20 years of working, sitting at a desk, surrounded by uncritical acceptance of the status quo. I would not be where I am today without you,” Anne-Marie Magneron, attorney

“Wow, I was just able to explain everything about a complex multi-residential deal I’m working on to an overseas buyer. Prof Bruce, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown thanks to you!” Roman Monaenkov, Keller Williams – Lifestyle Realty Team

Immerse yourself in the art of whole-person coaching and property knowledge.

"We loaned $225,000 to a homebuilder to help him complete his project but before he could do that he went bankrupt. We were facing a total loss of our second mortgage until ​Bruce explained the difference between a power of sale and a foreclosure. We got those buildings transferred into our name, finished them ourselves, put them on Airbnb, and made a fortune—a $500,000 turnaround from a few hundred dollars invested in coaching. Wow, what an ROI," Tyler Leblanc, real estate investor and developer

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- How to really provide for yourself and your family

If you are one of the 80% of Canadians and Americans who don't have a defined benefit pension plan, if saving millions of dollars to provide for your sunset years just isn't doable, if you are fed up with tech bubbles, fund and financial advisers as well as poor returns from mutual funds, GICs, t-bills, money market funds, bank savings account interest, bank fees, life insurance "investments", the stock market, bonds, LIRAs, RRSPs, TFSAs, 401(k)s, IPPs, IRAs, option trades, day trading, precious metals, gold and other types of investing save and except your own small or medium sized enterprise, one you own and control, and real estate then you'll want to talk to Prof Bruce about his amazing real estate coaching that really works.

"Bruce Firestone brings a wealth of real estate and life experience to his coaching and keynote speaking practice, which he easily transfers to people like me who seek his advice and counsel, producing amazingly positive results. Prof Bruce empowered me to leave my day job by showing me how create a world class business model and offering real world real estate advice. I'm not missing my day gig one bit, and it's crazy—we hit the market with Tire Chalet at the perfect time as every large dealer has some appetite for it. I'd never have done it without his encouragement," Shawn Hebert, real estate investor, founder Total Storage, Tire Chalet, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Prof Bruce's simple program that he puts everyone on is this—own your own home, place of business (if you have a business), three or four residential rental properties, some small commercial and land. In about 15 or 20 years, you'll have a decent independent (but, sorry to say, it's not work-free) income of anywhere from $70k to $100k per year and a portfolio worth maybe $2 to $3m, mortgage free by the way. It's get rich, slow but at least you won't be eating cat food when you are an elder. You can aim higher if you want to, but not lower than this.

YES, I'm interested in Prof Bruce real estate coaching! What will I learn?

- How to make real estate investing easy

- How to retire rich

- How to implement Prof Bruce's 4-steps to real estate success

- How to be a real estate entrepreneur and grow a real business

- How to really finance property

- How to earn independent income through real estate so you can provide for yourself and your family

- How to make sure your properties earn above average returns

Learn from someone who has actually been a developer, investor and a broker and who has PhD in urban economics too!

What do I get?

- Free copy of Prof Bruce's Real Estate Investing Made Easy (read it please)

- Free copy of Prof Bruce's Retire Rich, Retire Early (read it please)

- Free copy of Prof Bruce's ​Why and Why not to Invest in Real Estate (read it please)

- Free copy of Prof Bruce’s Real Estate Handbook

- Personal coaching: 1 session/month, 120 minutes long + unlimited email and text support

- review of your mid-month report and investment opportunities

- review of your preset agenda for each meeting

- help building a personal balance sheet

- assistance with establishing real estate goals

- figuring out together a business model that really works and is suited to your goals, aspirations and capabilities

- Assignments (do them please)

- Help with analyzing property investment (becoming a spreadsheet pro)

- How to buy low and hold

- How to finance and refinance properly

- Adding value to property/animating your portfolio + more including advice on how to make 1 outstanding acquisition during your 1st coaching cycle

- Access to Prof Bruce's newsletter

​- Free copy of Prof Bruce's Entrepreneurs Handbook II

- A more secure future for yourself and your family

Term: 9 months

Investment: less than you would expect (please inquire)

Value: priceless

How do I sign up?

Please use the contact form below to email Prof Bruce and receive your application form.

​More testimonials

"Prof Bruce taught me the skills I require to bring my real estate investing to another level. His coaching has given me the confidence I need to take on any challenge, including more complex ones and be successful," Matthew Maxsom, age 35, owner, 21 doors

"I absolutely love what I've learned so far from you in just a few short weeks," Brian Dagenais, real estate investor. Postscript (a few months later): "Hey, Prof Bruce, by the end of October, my collective rents will be much higher (and my vacancy rate much lower) than when I first came to see you. A lot of the credit goes to you for helping me focus, execute and learn about how to differentiate my portfolio and animate it too. As a result, I have attracted better tenants who are paying higher rents and enjoying my properties more as well…"

"I'd like to thank you for delivering such a great real estate course, which I enjoyed very much. I learned a lot, and the real life examples and stories you shared with the class were a huge bonus," Sam Balam, real estate entrepreneur

"For the past six months, Bruce M Firestone has been my real estate coach. With his guidance, I have accomplished more in that half year than in the previous five. Prof Bruce helped me refine my strategy, look in new development directions, and find property that was manageable, affordable and offers great returns. He assisted in selecting appropriate investments, negotiating favorable terms, and closing deals, overcoming potential roadblocks. He coached me to polish my presentation skills, and he is a constant source of positive encouragement. Moreover, Bruce helps me focus my energy on achievable objectives, and then holds me accountable. I highly recommend Bruce as a real estate coach and mentor so you can turn your ideas into reality," Bob Wachna, real estate investor and developer, Ottawa Canada February 2015

If you are looking to get a new business off the ground, remember Prof Bruce has helped over 300 startups in his career so far. Prof Bruce can assist you with: business models, self-capitalization, finance, marketing, sales, sponsorships, corporate organization/structure, creditor proofing, and much more.

Prof Bruce uses a Warren Buffett methodology but applied to ​real estate investing

1. Buy smart, well-located properties and determine its HABU, highest and best use as well as analyze via a spreadsheet its IRR (internal rate of return) and cap rate

“Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth,” Theodore Roosevelt, US president

2. Keep ownership structure as simple as possible but no simpler

3. Use opm (other people’s money)/leverage; ie, investor cash, bootstrap capital, sponsor money, strategic investors, mortgages, RRSPs… but take no partners

"If you’re not going to put money in real estate, where else?” Tamir Sapir, Manhattan real estate investor

4. Add value/design/renovate/animate including in-home suites, coach houses, tech packages, home automation, workshops, storage sheds and much more… to boost cap rates

5. Buy and hold… and manage properly; ignore market cycles, do not flip or you will flip ‘til you flop

"Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy,” Marshall Field, department store owner

6. Drive up value, get a CMA (comparative market analysis) to support a decent appraisal then refinance (tax free), take out cash, repeat process… it’s the only perpetual motion maching in the known universe

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait,” Will Rogers, actor

7. At some point, stop buying, and use cashflow to increase amortization so you can pay off all your mortgages and then never pledge your portfolio for any other purpose… this is your iron reserve, your PB4L (personal business for life)

8. Pass on to your heirs efficiently via joint tenancy

“Now, one thing I tell everyone is learn about real estate. Repeat after me: real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk,” Armstrong Williams, political talk show host

- Free copy of Prof Bruce's Retire Rich, Retire Early (read it please)
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