Blowing it
I have a small group of Canucklehead entrepreneurs that I coach. They have a great idea (seriously) to launch a
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By Graham Neysmith The man who branded Ottawa’s professional hockey team doesn’t consider himself a hockey fan and has never
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The true story of OJ Firestone and Medicare in Canada
by Bruce M Firestone, PhD Introduction OJ “Jack” Firestone came to Canada from Vienna (via England) in the 1930s and
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Message to a political candidate
Today, is municipal election day in Ontario. Some of my friends are running for city of Ottawa council. Here’s what
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How to use cap rates to calculate farmland values
A cap rate or capitalization rate is found by dividing NOI, net operating income, by the cost of a property
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Fighting depression… complexity is the enemy of success
You know what I’ve found? Getting clarity in your life matters (a lot). Here’s how I help people do that
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How to complete Ottawa’s next phase LRT or any major project on time
Every year since I can remember MTO (ministry of transportation for Ontario) has been doing work somewhere along the Queensway–highways
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How to really reduce congestion
If we build more mixed-use communities, ones that are neo-urbanist, that are both economically and environmentally sustainable, plus they are
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What about Airbnb?
At a recent Ottawa mayoral candidates debate, the issue of what to do (if anything) about Airbnb came up. Current
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Power of Amortization
Here’s an email I sent to a client of mine about the role of amortization in developing and financing a
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Turn a cost center into a profit center
My wife received a bill from Rogers via snail mail this morning. She groaned when she saw yet another invoice
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Perfect Machine
Engineers say a perfect machine is one with no moving parts. I’d add to that: Complexity is the enemy of
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Where buildings meet grade
Where buildings in North America meet grade, we tend to throw away its value. How’s that? Every time you open
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You can’t drink all day
“You can’t drink all day, unless you start in the morning,” one middle-aged female fan of the Buffalo Bills told
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Second driveway
Law of unintended consequences It’s one thing for a city to allow secondary dwelling units (ie, basement apartments, in-home suites
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