[Excerpt from Gadgets and Gizmos—how to tell if you own a real business or just an expensive hobby  available from,
Years ago, I wrote, Why Cheering for the Maple Leafs is… Unnatural. Essentially, I argue that when your home team
[Here’s a book review I wrote in 2010 that is still relevant today (circa September 2020), so I’ve now added
Kind of a nice problem to have, n'est-ce pas? Well, this is the challenge that Apple is currently facing seeing
I’m sure there are many people who work from home and enjoy that experience. I am not one of them
Book review of Pitch Anything, an innovative method for presenting, persuading and winning the deal by Oren Klaff, https://youtu.be/0ihMwKc2Sow With
[This is an excerpt from Don't Back Down, the real story of the founding of the NHL's Ottawa Senators and
Here's an article I wrote some time ago. In it, I was trying to understand why someone might pay $171,000
When Ottawa Sun columnist Rick Gibbons asked me this morning for my take on the pending divorce between the Sens
A client of mine asks, "Hi Bruce, what are your thoughts on real estate and the economy over the next
Purrdy Paws Mobile Grooming Spa founder Jayme Montero started with nothing. A teen mom, she had a “crazy” idea—to start
[If you'd like to send this quiz to your friends without the answers, use this link, https://brucemfirestone.com/40-ottawa-senators-trivia-questions/.] Q1 Which of
[Try answering these 40 Sens trivia questions yourself, then check your answers against Prof Bruce’s, https://profbruce.tumblr.com/post/161398856579/answers-to-ottawa-senators-trivia] Q1 Which of the following
If you'd like to send the quiz (sans answers) to your friends, use this link, https://brucemfirestone.com/prof-bruce-real-estate-investment-trivia-quiz/. 1. in which decade
See how well versed you are in terms of real estate investing... try answering these 25 questions then check your
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