But Shouldn’t Be Here’s how Ontario and many other jurisdictions make sure their citizens are in debt til they die–
Are you familiar with the BBC series From Lark Rise to Candleford? It’s about life in two neighboring places in
Most people know about the prisoner’s dilemma even if it’s just intuitively rather than explicitly— Two people are accused of
Theming downtown Belleville Murals are a powerful catalyst in terms of reviving and improving urban areas. For example, Jane Golden
The smaller the house you build, the more creative you need to be. One of my daughters is moving into
We helped one of my daughters (I have five children) buy a home four years ago for $345,000. We added
At the beginning of this pandemic, folks asked me what I thought would happen to real estate values. I believed
Since a number of my readers and coaching clients are realtors, I thought I’d lay something down here for them.
I am optimistic that the global economy will recover but it will be vastly different. Overall, it may not only
By Bruce M Firestone, PhD, Royal LePAGE Performance broker, Ottawa Senators founder, real estate investment and business coach How to
I can’t believe that other landowners/property owners haven’t figured out how to repurpose their retail space to live-work-play-make spaces, all
Over the Christmas holidays, I was rereading The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. I read it when I was a
[By the way, I have a few paperback copies I am giving away for Xmas. If you're in Ottawa Canada
How old are the modern Ottawa Senators? To answer this question, I just ask my daughter Jessica (the youngest of
Main Street Makeovers He must have received his law degree in the snail-mail. The guy didn’t know the difference between
[Excerpt from Gadgets and Gizmos—how to tell if you own a real business or just an expensive hobby  available from,
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