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“I consider myself well-rounded having been in management positions for most of my working career. I did hear that everyone should have a coach so when I heard that people like Bill Gates had a coach that got me thinking. I found Prof Bruce and immediately understood the true worth of having a coach. I thought I was pretty good at what I do until he started coaching me. He is so far above my level of business knowledge and understanding that I couldn’t help but be elevated upwards towards his level. Prof Bruce is a true gentleman and is the epitome of a true professional. Don’t think about getting a coach, just do it, and if you are going to hire one, I would highly recommend Prof Bruce Firestone,” Rick Rose, Windsor 2019

  • real estate development

“I have taken numerous real estate courses, including one’s from the US, that cost me tons of money… but I gained very little knowledge that I could easily apply. Since I started taking professor Bruce’s co-coaching course, I’ve learned more in this one course than all of the other courses combined. Professor Bruce’s course is down to earth and filled with everyday stuff that can be applied immediately to grow your business in the real world. I highly recommend anyone to take a course with Bruce even if you don’t invest in real estate or own your own business. It will teach you fabulous life skills!” Eva O’Grady, Ottawa 2019

  • entrepreneurship and startup
  • business modeling
  • self-capitalization and finance
  • sports and entertainment
  • real estate investment made easy
  • real estate and development
  • real estate animation, invention, and differentiation
  • advanced real estate business models—real estate evolution
  • how to really analyze real estate investments: become a spreadsheet pro

“In terms of customer service, breadth of offerings, timeliness, quality and other matters, Prof Bruce is an amazing coach—he engenders trust, he encourages you, he addresses both business and personal situations where warranted, he emphasizes specifics over generalities and he’s very simpatico/relational,” Janice Jack, real estate investor 2019

  • Warren Buffett methodology applied to real estate investing
  • green your properties for real urban design
  • design economics
  • how to boost your local economy into another stratosphere—the preconditions for economic takeoff
  • how to really provide affordable housing in your community
  • how to reinvent suburbia
  • Startup DNA: how to start practically any business for less than $5,000
  • business modeling for the 21st century
  • self-capitalization and bootstrap finance
  • understanding the sports and entertainment industry
  • product management
  • how to get sponsors for practically anything
  • Firestone’s power laws: how to really sell: selling is telling and negative cost selling
  • how to really market—from guerrilla marketing to negative cost marketing and co-branding
  • how to sell 5,000 copies of practically any book

“I listened to each of Bruce Firestone’s recorded presentation three times before going on to the next one so I could gather all the hidden seeds of information and knowledge. That is how I know the incredible effort Prof Bruce put into creating these courses, seminars, forums and speeches,” Elliott Tessmer, Real Estate Investor

For any one who knows me, you’ll know that my courses are not just thinly veiled sales pitches for something else.  In these courses, you will get valuable, actionable tips to help you in your real estate investing, business, and life!

“Prof Bruce is a one-stop shop for developing a successful real estate portfolio. His real estate investment and business knowledge is all encompassing based on years of successful achievements and he is able to transfer that knowledge effectively to his clients… Thank you, Bruce, much appreciated,” Ron Bertrand hotel and tourism operator 2019

Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD
Real Estate Investment and Business coach
Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc broker
Ottawa Senators founder


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