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What Others Are Saying About Bruce's Coaching

It’s been a very long time since I read a 600+ page book in one sitting!

I received my copy of your book, Don’t Back Down, yesterday and I couldn’t put it down. It’s been a very long time since I read a 600+ page book in one sitting!

Couldn't have achieved the same results without you!

I am so grateful for all your coaching throughout the last six months, Prof Bruce. It's been SO valuable. I am about to close on my first $2 million-plus real estate acquisition (a downtown retail plaza)—I couldn't have achieved the same results without you!

Bruce Firestone has a storyteller’s gift

We’re anchored in Abraham Bay in Mayaguana Bahamas waiting for a weather window. Once trade winds settle down, we’ll head for the Turks and Caicos. I made the mistake of starting to read Don’t Back Down and now I can’t stop. Damn it’s good.

I really like the mix of entrepreneurial asides mixed in with the franchise story. Bruce Firestone has a storyteller’s gift. Then, after reading for a few more hours last night, he got me so psyched, I dug out my laptop and started worked on my business plan for my next startup for a few hours. He got me wanting to ditch sailing for entrepreneurial life again.

Bruce Firestone’s got to be the toughest Timex ever...

Bruce Firestone’s got to be the toughest Timex ever–he took a lickin’ but kept on tickin!

Students still raving about your course

The students are still raving about your course, Startup DNA. They learned so much, and have made all the other Hyper Island students in Stockholm jealous (the ones who couldn't attend).

Went above and beyond

Having Dr. Bruce Firestone at Bizfest was a huge success. I heard nothing but positive feedback from all our delegates. One delegate said she could have listened to him speak all day. His message is inspiring, and the delivery very relatable and down to earth. Bruce not only delivered but went above and beyond, offering to be available for an additional Q&A session, when one of my other presenters had to back out at the last minute. The fact that the Q&A session was packed, directly following his keynote speaks volumes to how much the delegates enjoyed and respected his message.

Don’t Back Down is one of the best books I’ve ever read!

Don’t Back Down is one of the best books I’ve ever read! It had just the right amount of facts and humor relative to one of the major milestones in Ottawa’s history. It not only gives us the inside scoop on the founding of the modern era Senators and the inner workings of the National Hockey League, it also shows how difficult childhood experiences can sometimes help build determination in us as adults to pull off miracles

Bruce is a born teacher

I so enjoyed Prof Bruce’s presentation to our home-building group. Bruce is a born teacher, and I should know—I was one for many years. He’s very inspirational and extremely dynamic. I’d love for him to come to our area and show us how to animate our community and local economy.

Worth Millions

It seems everywhere you turn nowadays, there's a fee associated to a transaction. The most recent transaction--4 ABCDEFG street--I paid fees and more fees and still more fees--but I got the house and the entire family is tickled pink and I think I bought a property for significantly under market value.

The fact that I'm sitting in this unbelievable house typing an email to you is no small testament to your support and training you've given me these past 4yrs. The amount of money I paid you for training is most certainly less than $10,000 and the value I received--albeit impossible to calculate, surely is worth many multiples of hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions--and I think millions.

Exceptional stories and case studies

What made Bruce’s keynote really special was his charisma on stage; he can definitely charm a crowd. His content about entrepreneurship and the sense of humor in his presentation were awesome, but there’s really one thing that made it exceptional—his stories and case studies. They were powerful and motivational, especially the one on how he persevered in his battle to land an NHL team for Ottawa. That made me feel like I was capable of everything after his talk.

Went through so many emotions reading this...

Don’t Back Down changed my life. Having not read many books in my life I can’t consider myself an expert, but I will tell you that for me I chose the best book that I could ever have read. I absolutely went through so many emotions reading this—from laughter to crying, from cheering to anger, from motivating to humbling. This book should be mandatory reading for all your students before going any further in Prof Bruce’s coaching program.

Inspiring, entertaining and educational

Bruce’s presentations are inspiring, entertaining and educational. He took the time to learn about our organization, our goals and exactly what we wanted to accomplish at our event. He created a fully customized deck for each keynote and we’ll certainly invite him back to address our group again.

A terrific storyteller...

If you really want to understand how big-league sports expansion works and why it matters, then this extraordinary chronicle by Bruce Firestone, a terrific storyteller, is for you.

Prof Bruce should do Sunday sermons—our church would be packed!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Realtopia 2018 event. I could not help but pay attention to every word spoken by Prof Bruce and his crew. I can tell you—everyone else was paying attention too. Prof Bruce should do Sunday sermons—our church would be packed! It’s a great concept having an income during your retirement years by simply owning enough high-producing, ‘animated’ property. It make’s one rethink the whole RRSP/mutual fund investment concept.

Sustainable urban development & viable financial vehicle

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Prof Bruce’s teachings at Realtopia. The vision and ideas could not only lead the way in sustainable urban development but also provide a viable financial vehicle for both landlords and tenants for generations to come.

Create wealth over the long term

Prof Bruce will show you, through his business and real estate investment coaching, how to create wealth over the long term as opposed to 'capture' it. There's a serious difference between the two (one is sustainable, the other is not).

Couldn't put it down...

I really loved Don’t Back Down—from travels to far-off Australia and fistfights as a scrappy young boy all the way to dealing with a not-to-be-trusted government when trying to do something great for his hometown and nation, this incredible true story of how Bruce Firestone and his young team of execs, most of them straight out of school, brought back the Senators and the NHL to Ottawa against all odds and tough US and Canadian competition… is a must-read for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the magic entrepreneurs bring to any industry. I literally couldn’t put it down.

Real-life examples and stories were a huge bonus

I’d like to thank you and Spirepoint.ca for delivering such a great real estate course, which I enjoyed very much. I learned a lot, and the real-life examples and stories you shared with the class were a huge bonus.


Bruce’s books are motivating to say the least.

Recommended for both beginner and advanced real estate investors...

I am just starting out in the Real Estate Investment industry and I am so excited to apply this new-found information to my business. The Prof Bruce/Spirepoint course helped me see how to apply highest and best use and animation concepts to real estate transactions. I have been looking at adapting this as well to our own personal property. Prof Bruce is a professional yet approachable person with a wealth of knowledge, and his excitement is infectious. Every resource he exposed us to was backed up by instruction on how to use it properly. A great deal of care and preparation was obviously put into developing this course. Every session started and ended on time, which is also a testament to careful preparation. Bruce was quick to return emails too plus I thoroughly enjoyed my personal consultation/coaching time with him after the course was over. I was a little nervous being a novice speaking to a pro, but he made me feel at ease immediately. The assignment grading was expedient and thorough. The feedback was inspiring. I would recommend Spirepoint and Prof Bruce training programs to both beginner and advanced real estate investors.

Full of fascinating detail and great footnotes and references...

Every page of Don’t Back Down is full of fascinating detail and great footnotes and references… it’s a masterpiece and should be a reference book for real estate development as well as Ottawa and league history. Getting this city into the NHL has transformed Canada’s capital and made it a world-class place to live and work; even Americans know where Ottawa is now! Big congrats!

Buy a home

If you don’t own a home, buy one. If you own a home, buy another one. If you own two homes, buy a third. And, lend your relatives the money to buy a home.

I recognize a lot of myself in what he writes...

I’ve been devouring Prof Bruce’s book ‘Don’t Back Down’ ever since I downloaded it; in fact, I recognize a lot of myself in what he writes, and I’m inspired by the story to work even harder to make my town soar.

Coaches like Bruce are your shortcut to success

I believe in mentors. If we all lived to be 300, then we wouldn’t need them—we could learn everything on our own. Coaches like Bruce are your shortcut to success—they are the least costly, highest ROI investment you will ever make.


Bruce Firestone’s keynote at the Growing Rural Tourism Conference in Camrose, Alberta was so inspirational and spellbinding that he almost sold me a campground in rural Ontario!

Unique combination of knowledge, entrepreneurial skill and abundant enthusiasm that is both insightful and infectious

I recently took Bruce M Firestone’s Real Estate Evolution course and am pleased to recommend it and him to anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding of today’s dynamic investment market. Prof Bruce brings a unique combination of knowledge, entrepreneurial skill and abundant enthusiasm that is both insightful and infectious.

Dr Firestone not only passes on his tremendous knowledge and experience in the field, but also his belief that anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort and follow his roadmap can succeed beyond their wildest dreams with a unique real estate investment business model and personal business for life that will provide you and your family with above-average returns for generations to come... For anyone who is willing to challenge themselves, he is truly an inspiration both as a teacher and coach, Ed Eisen, Real Estate Investor

Martin Read Amateur architect
Kara Social Entrepreneur
Rick Escher Recovering tech founder
Gary Greer Real estate developer
Daniel Beauchamp Digital Data Strategist Module Leader, Hyper Island, Stockholm, Sweden
Amy Malyon Event Coordinator, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce
Don Mason
Shannon McMullan Perivale Gallery, Manitoulin Island ON
Cedric Meloche Founder, The Box Summit
Rick Bedard Real estate investor and tech guru, former owner of the largest Dallas Cowboys online gear store
George Tierney Marketing Services, Guildcrest Homes
David Perry Author of Hiring Greatness
Tony Di Iorio Print & Communication Services
Jacques Taillefer Real-estate student and sustainability activist
Brian Dagenais Dagenais Properties and BlackSheep Developments founder
Russ Salo Founder of GPS to Go
Sam Balam Real estate entrepreneur
Michael S Mynott, President, Mynott Construction
Diana Inscho Real estate investor
Michael Cowpland Corel Corporation founder, Mitel cofounder, Zim.biz founder
John Paulson Investor and multi-billionaire
Alain Miguelez City of Ottawa planner
Fab Di Franco Technology Executive
Rick Barr Barr Estate Winery, Sherwood Park, Alberta
Ed Eisen Real Estate Investor

Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur?

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Real Estate Brokerage

Bruce M Firestone, broker, is available to assist you with commercial, residential and investment property–sales, leasing, acquisition, financing and disposal.

Bruce can also advise you on real estate strategies including retirement planning via acquisition of a highly animated real estate investment portfolio with additional revenue streams. Learn how to analyze and evaluate property properly; how to buy low and add significant value. Learn how to make property work for both you and your community.

Personal Coaching

Optimizing the urban reality—creating new private and public value for your community. Learn how to build an above average real estate portfolio that will provide for you and your family in perpetuity.

Bruce is himself a successful real estate developer, investor, teacher and broker with a PhD in Urban Economics who can coach you to success in real estate investing. Your properties will gain a new vitality helping not only you and your tenants but also the broader neighbourhood. Bruce has also assisted over 300 business startups in his coaching career.

Keynotes & Speaking

Bruce M Firestone, PhD, is an effective keynote speaker for organizations with a focus on creating new opportunities for their stakeholder group.

He writes, speaks and coaches in the fields of urban development, urban design, development economics, real estate and entrepreneurship. His speeches will appeal to both real estate and community/economic development groups.

Books by Prof Bruce

Over the years, Bruce has published many books and novels. From Don’t Back Down, the real story of the founding of the NHL's Ottawa Senators to Quantum Entity, a trilogy about a young entrepreneur caught in a technological revolution where artificial entities invade our world.

Bruce has pioneered a new genre of book—the learning outcome novel where readers are not only entertained, they actually learn something about the fields he is an expert in including urban design & economics, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, science and technology, sports & entertainment. Browse and view all of professor Bruce’s novels and books...


For any one who knows me, you'll know that my courses are not just thinly veiled sales pitches for something else. In these courses, you will get valuable, actionable tips to help you in your real estate investing, business, and life!

You can now take home some of my best material in a learn-at-home course format.  Want a more personal touch? Why not try my coaching programs.


Over the years I've freely shared insights learned over a lifetime in real estate investing, business, and coaching others.

Check out some of what I've shared in my video course library.

Let me know what else you'd like me to teach by dropping me a line.  It's part of my Vision & Mission to teach self-sufficiency by giving people the tools, education and advice they need to build an above average performing, stable real estate portfolio, and thriving personal business. 

Property Animation

Property animation is the study of real estate to understand its highest and best use. 

Animating a property serves to boost revenues and create new revenue streams for owners. This improves rates of return and provides a better experience for occupants, tenants, users, property managers and visitors.

As a bonus, property animation makes neighbourhoods more active, attractive, interesting, vibrant and safe area for all, resulting in a more environmentally and economically sustainable community.

Pro Athlete Financial Coaching

Ever wonder why, according to Sports Illustrated, nearly 80% of former NFL players go broke within three years of leaving the league?

Not to mention other high net worth people like successful actors or busy executives and entrepreneurs experiencing financial problems as they age.

Learn the secrets of true financial independence after the spotlight fades.

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Want to know how the Ottawa Senators came back to Ottawa?  

Discover the behind the scenes story in my book Don't Back Down; the real story behind the founding of the NHL's Ottawa Senators.

Don't Back Down Book by bruce firestone real estate investing coach

Courses By Bruce Firestone - AKA "Prof Bruce"

For any one who knows me, you'll know that my courses are not just thinly veiled sales pitches for something else.  In these courses, you will get valuable, actionable tips to help you in your real estate investing, business, and life!

Real Estate Courses

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