Pivot! Start your own business in just 3-months with practically no money down webinar

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching

May 02

I woke up on the Easter long weekend thinking I could help people become successful entrepreneurs by offering a new online course called: Pivot! Start a business in just 3-months w/ practically no money down.

Pivot! Act to change your life now

“Hi Bruce, I just wanted to say that I was on your Pivot! webinar this afternoon and it was awesome. Your case studies get the mind thinking but more importantly thinking outside the box,” Rob Koraca

I taught entrepreneurship at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business and then University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management, and one thing everyone had to do in the three months they studied with me was start an actual business in that time. No exceptions. Many of those students went on to create amazing new enterprises–from tech to services to entertainment and more, and some of them will be returning as guest lecturers to tell everyone how they did it.

“I watched one of Prof Bruce’s energetic and inspiring webinars about how to take care of yourself and your family in a time of Covid-19 and you know what I figured out? He can see and create value and new revenue streams seemingly out of the ether!” Rick Redel, Alberta

So, I’ve updated and relaunched the program… online (via Zoom) with a new title, “Pivot!

If you or anyone (from teens to seniors) you know is tired of just having a job (or maybe now, no job) and wants to start their own successful PB4L (personal business for life), they can sign up by downloading this form from dropbox, completing it and sending it to moi (bruce.firestone@century21.ca), https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ks1xu6bf45vv5n/signup-firestone-institute-pivot-gigpreneur-course-2020.pdf?dl=0

Here’s the preparatory webinar that everyone should watch. Why? Firstly, because it’ll help you understand how to create a successful gig/side hustle/PB4L with a business model that provides a competitive advantage that allows you to build a sustainable new enterprise. Secondly, you’ll get a feel for what’s in the course and whether it’s right for you.

Pivot! Start your own business in just 3-months with practically no money down webinar

The course itself starts May 14th, 2020 and lasts until close to the end of July. Your investment? A ridiculously low $100 + HST a month.

“In the 21st century there isn’t a person who wouldn’t benefit and get inspired by Bruce Firestone’s teachings. I have been a huge Robert Kiyosaki fan but I must say, I loved Prof Bruce’s ideas even more. His expansive creativity and thinking goes beyond Kiyosaki. Bruce generously shares real case studies with real value. A true teacher. Build your business like your life depended on it, which maybe it does today,” Jill Koster BC

It’ll be life-changing for those who take it, I am quite sure…

“I consider myself well-rounded having been in management positions for most of my working career. I thought I was pretty good at what I do until I met Prof Bruce. He is so far above my level of business knowledge and understanding that I couldn’t help but be elevated upwards towards his level,” Rick Rose, Windsor

“I have taken numerous courses, including one’s from the US, that cost me tons of money… but I gained very little knowledge that I could easily apply. Since I started taking Professor Bruce’s course, I’ve learned more in this one course than all of the other courses combined. Professor Bruce’s course is down to earth and filled with everyday stuff that can be applied immediately to grow your business in the real world. I highly recommend anyone to take a course with Bruce even if you don’t invest in real estate or own your own business. It will teach you fabulous life skills!” Eva O’Grady, Ottawa

I’ve helped more than 1,500 other people create new enterprises not to mention that I started many on my own account such as the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, the Palladium (now called Canadian Tire Centre, where the Sens play), Ottawa Business News (now called Ottawa Business Journal), PETA (Presidential Executive Apartments, sort of Airbnb before there was Airbnb), TCCL (Terrace Corporate Centres, a mini office provider, the precursor to co-working spaces), Blue Heron Storage Corporation (a mini storage business). I also built more than 1,200 homes in a number of subdivisions, plus dozens of office buildings and shopping plazas…

“I’ve spent about $180,000 during my career on my education involving real estate, property management and renovation work. But Prof Bruce’s program blew me away—it taught me things I’ve never learned anywhere else,” Dave Rathbone

I have invited nine other entrepreneurs (men and women who have started every kind of business from successful mobile pet grooming to renovation biz to tech startups to a publishing house focused on comics to a storage enterprise on the fast track to business superstardom) to join in. Might as well also learn from former students or coaching clients of mine who are living their lives as gigpreneurs, right? Some started out as side hustles but have evolved into enterprises of real substance and scale.

Meet Erika Godwin, one of the guest lecturers in Pivot!
founder of barketing.co, web services for pet businesses

“I am on track to reach my twin goals of $1,000 per day passive income and a two-hour workweek before I turn 55 thanks to Prof Bruce’s real estate investment and biz coaching. I adopted the right business model and implemented it fearlessly because of his input,” Peter, commercial real estate developer and investor, 2020

There is more about the course here, https://brucemfirestone.com/pivot/ and, again, if you want to sign up, just download this form, fill it in and send it to me, (bruce.firestone@century21.ca), https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ks1xu6bf45vv5n/signup-firestone-institute-pivot-gigpreneur-course-2020.pdf?dl=0

Be well everyone,

Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD, Real Estate Investment and Business coach, ROYAL LePAGE Performance Realty broker, Ottawa Senators founder 1-613-762-8884 bruce.firestone@century21.ca


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