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Jan 08

Why naming your buildings or properties is important

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Design , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Sales & Marketing , Sports & Entertainment

I am into naming things (like the elves in Tolkien’s Middle Earth did–they spent their first few tens of thousands of years there naming stuff). I also like creating taglines.  It adds value for both landlord and tenant—it’s like Italian trains of the 1970s—the only difference between 1st and 3rd class was the price you paid. #Seriously […]

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Dec 21

A walk through time

By Bruce Firestone | Design , Real Estate , Sports & Entertainment

Here’re some artifacts from Ottawa Senators founder Bruce M Firestone, PhD, now on deposit with city of Ottawa Archives, In addition, the Firestone family has donated more than 1,600 works of art (paintings and sculptures) to form the FIRESTONE COLLECTION OF CANADIAN ART,, housed and displayed by the Ottawa Art Gallery, OAG. city of Ottawa archives: […]

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Oct 30


By Bruce Firestone | Design , Sports & Entertainment

By Graham Neysmith [This article by Carleton University journalism student Graham Neysmith originally appeared at] The man who branded Ottawa’s professional hockey team doesn’t consider himself a hockey fan and has never even laced up a pair of skates. Tony Milchard designed the logo used by the Ottawa Senators when they debuted in the National […]

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Sep 19

You can’t drink all day

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture , Business Coaching , Design , Investing , Real Estate , Sports & Entertainment , Urban Economics

“You can’t drink all day, unless you start in the morning,” one middle-aged female fan of the Buffalo Bills told me at their home-opener on Sunday September 16th, 2018. It was 0930 at the time, proving her point. That the Bills are important to Buffalo seems self-evident to me. But after tailgating with over 100,000 […]

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