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Aug 13

Gaining perspective and becoming more creative

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture , Business Models , Investing , Real Estate , Urban Economics

I actually don’t like going away but, when I do, I find that things which were complicated suddenly aren’t. Here’s what I do to gain perspective: -exercise 4-6 times per week (20 minutes after I finish, problems miraculously “solve themselves”) -“move the furniture,” which means getting up from your desk and walking around—for example, when […]

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Feb 24

Fake Reality TV versus “Real” Real Estate Investing

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture , Design , Investing , Life Coaching , Real Estate

A FREE WEBINAR WITH THE NHL’S OTTAWA SENATORS FOUNDER, BRUCE M FIRESTONE, PHD, AND DAVID DUBEAU, RESULTS ENTERPRISES FOUNDER Bruce “making impossible possible” Firestone David “magnetic investor attraction” Dubeau Here’s the unvarnished, real time video of the entire webinar. Enjoy it!   When: March 28th 2018 Time: 3 pm ET, noon PT until 4:30 pm ET, 1:30 pm PT How to join in: IT’S […]

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Dec 30

The future of suburbia is bleak

By Bruce Firestone | Investing , Real Estate

The future of suburbia is bleak unless towns and cities act to animate them by densifying and intensifying them to make them more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable places. Here’s the story of Hemet, a suburb of Riverside California. What happened there is that folks who can’t afford to live in LA have driven further […]

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Nov 15

Tiny Homes Torpedoed

By Bruce Firestone | Investing , Real Estate

As expected, NIMBY (not in my backyard), BANANAS (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything or Anyone) and CAVE (citizens against virtually everything) people are torpedoing tiny home subdivisions as this AP article by Scott McFetridge makes abundantly clear.   Tiny houses are trendy – unless they go up next door.

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