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Jan 19

The case of the rich dentist and his perpetual motion machine

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Business Models , Entrepreneurship , Finance , Investing , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Urban Economics

[This is an excerpt from an upcoming book I am working on called, Business Model Illustrations, Real Estate Investment and Personal Business for Life Mini Case Studies] David Leigh (not his real name) is a rich dentist, age 44 when he first comes to Firestone for coaching. He is a lean, polite married person with […]

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Jan 01

Three Laws of Power Selling

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Entrepreneurship , Finance , Investing , Real Estate , Sales & Marketing

[Note: this is an excerpt from Entrepreneurs Handbook II,] Here are Firestone’s Three Laws of Power Selling. First, I’ll iterate them and, second, I’ll give some examples that will seek to illustrate how the Three Laws of Power Selling actually work. Most people read these types of things and they nod wisely but really […]

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Dec 19

Why the financial industry is (mostly) a ripoff

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Finance , Investing , Life Coaching , Real Estate Investment Coaching

I’m halfway through Bill Browder’s excellent 2015 book, Red Notice, talking about his experiences as an investment banker and asset manager in Russia in the days and years after the fall of the iron curtain (circa the 1990s). If you are like me and wonder why so many of the financial industry’s products are self-serving […]

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Nov 20

The Pit

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture , Design , Investing , Real Estate , Urban Economics

The Pit If you want your building interiors to be highly animated and increase collisionable hours, you could do (a lot) worse than copy the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism’s “pit” on the main floor of their building on Carleton University’s campus… What’s it used for? -speeches -parties -presentations -charettes -teaching -gatherings -random meetings/collisions -concerts […]

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