The tinier the house, the more creative you need to be

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture

Oct 25

The smaller the house you build, the more creative you need to be. One of my daughters is moving into her own home that is just 192 sq ft. She’ll live right next door to a small workshop (about 350 sq ft) where she will design and produce high fashion custom clothing for glamorous women so it’s a live-work (play) condition with a smaller ecological footprint.

One issue though is what to do with her fraidy-cat by the name of Marty? Marty is her best bud but is her tiny house too small for both her and the cat?


Marty is pretty much afraid of everything and everyone except for her so finding a new home for the cat seems traumatic (for both of them, I think). I mean he won’t even go outside unless she puts a leash on him and walks with him, never more than 4-feet away… #Sheesh

My wife and daughter labored over this issue for quite some time. Where to put Marty’s litter box became the last issue to be resolved? Then, bingo, the solution presented itself… there is a piece of furniture next to the front door with coat hooks and places for boots and shoes below. What if they raised that and put Marty’s litter box underneath?

Our contractor, Pat O’Connor, and the girls came up with this solution–

There is a side entry (bolt hole) where Marty can enter to do his business and a door that opens to allows for the changing of his litter.

By the way, if you like the design, we’ll license the IP (intellectual property) to you. We have set a price of 1 cent per year for 1,000,000 years, which works out to a total of $10,000! Mind you, the PV (present value) of that is only about a dime.

I’ll have much more to say about tiny living in the future…

Prof Bruce

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postscript: a few more pics of her (not quite finished) place:

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