Simple biz dev for life coaches by Bruce M Firestone, PhD

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching

Dec 01

20-things you need to do to produce an endless stream of grateful clients—

  1. devote at least ½ day a week to biz dev (to a maximum of 1-day per week)
  2. define your irresistible coaching niche
  3. define your ideal (target) client
  4. what is the irresistible outcome of your coaching?
  5. market the heck out of your practice including: free webinars (including webinars for 3rd parties; eg, Spirepoint and Dave Dubeau), blogging, promotional product (triggers reciprocity), book giveaways, YouTube channel, a really good, clear elevator pitch (and message map), connect with people on LinkedIn and join Facebook groups—don’t be salesy/provide valuable information like personal case studies showing how you have helped others and then convert warm leads into sales, speak-to-sell, raise your social media profiles, lots of case studies, plenty of testimonials, build a referral/sponsor network (eg, for life coach helping men in transition: accounting firms, law firms, bankers, financial planners, divorce attorneys, HR departments dealing with layoffs…), email/email/email (including piggybacking on newsletters to potential client base; eg, for life coach helping men in transition: BIA newsletters in tech-heavy areas)…
  6. ABC—always be closing—try to close 4 out of every 10 clients you pitch
  7. develop an application process—qualify your clients
  8. raise your prices!
  9. build your reputation as a subject matter expert—leads to beaucoup word-of-mouth business
  10. understand why you do what you do/be able to explain it in 15 seconds
  11. have a sense of humor and use it—YOU WANTS THE MONEY, YOU GOTS TO BE FUNNY
  12. be humble/tell your story/make it relatable
  13. ask a lot of questions
  14. grow the relationship/become a lifetime adviser/sit on the same side of the desk or table/reel in the fish/ask for the deal
  15. have a one-page or at most two-page coaching agreement, make it month-to-month cancellable by either party
  16. have a decent website/make it easy for visitors to book a call, buy a book, get some FS (free stuff)– create a sales funnel
  17. host an occasional event where potential clients actually learn something/achieve something, take away something ((Realtopia and Startopia)
  18. do free clarity calls via zoom, skype or by phone (45-minutes max)—wow them with case studies; show how you and your clients solve real issues producing amazing results and use negative cost selling (show them through cases how the benefits of your coaching vastly outweigh the investment—it’s an investment not a cost!)
  19. answer your emails, phone calls, text, messages promptly and use a CRM, customer-relationship management system
  20. follow up, follow up, follow up

Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD

Real Estate Investment and Business coach

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December 1, 2018

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