Feb 09

Want to Know Why Snapchat is Killing Twitter?

1. cuz teens are migrating/going there

2. Twitter looks a lot like an engineer’s dream (hey, as boring as say… linkedin)

3. where are the tools to let people create/play on Twitter; umm, there aren’t any

4. Twitter’s become just an outlet for celebrities, MSM and businesses to broadcast their stuff

5. it ain’t social media

6. it ain’t communicating and understanding each other better

7. it’s a one-way selling machine.

Read this on buzzfeed: how a 29-year old had to learn from watching his 13-year old sister to really play and be social on… snapchat https://www.buzzfeed.com/benrosen/how-to-snapchat-like-the-teens#.dpmnMXBvW

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