Jun 28

Murray Oliver Age 15 Celebrates the Sens at 25

After reading Don’t Back Down, my book about the founding of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators and why big leagues matter, Murray sent me an image of his celebratory drawing. Excellent.

Thanks Murray.

Now go make the future happen…

Prof Bruce

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ps Murray also gave me a review for a client of mine, a young talented chef and entrepreneur by the name of Matt Dobry, who runs the best darn food truck https://www.burgerbuilder.ca/

I really liked having a variety of choices on the menu, the
food was made quickly and I especially liked the pulled pork option because I
have never seen that at any restaurants before on a burger, Murray
Oliver, 15 year old master burger eater 

pps this review for some reason made me recall I created a board game for my kids years ago called Burger Wars!

Here’s the board–


Here’re the main characters–


Here’s the box–

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