Why you need both your contractor and architect at the table with you at the same time

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Oct 19

Here’s why you need both your contractor and your architect/designer/architectural
technologist at the design table together and at the same time:

-to make sure your project is actually buildable

-to improve not only the design but it’s ROI too

-to keep your budget under control

-to establish a contingency fund to cope with unforeseen circumstances
and to ensure quality

-to reduce the 3 biggest problems in construction—delay in
completion, cost overruns, and deficiencies in the final product

Here’s an example of a redesign by a contractor that:

-lowered reno costs from $1.3 million to $800,000 by eliminating
outside fire stairs as well as keeping more of the existing home at 445 Daly

-improved the layout going from 10, 200 to 275 sq ft
bachelor microsuites to 10, 300+ sq ft microsuites with their own private bedrooms

-adding a loft bed on the ground floor creating the
possibility of 2-bedroom microsuites there harnessing the 10-12 foot celing
height there

-creating a single penthouse microsuite of > 500 sq ft
with 2-bedrooms

-improving the ROI/cap rate on the project making it
feasible for the owners to undertake…

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