Why Not Theme Individual Streets as well as Homes?

By Bruce Firestone | Uncategorized

Jan 18

Why not theme individual streets in your town as well as
individual homes?

Pick a theme for each street… based on its name, its
history, its geography, its community, its ecology, whatever. Boost its property values and its household income via micro
businesses and other built-form animations (eg, coach houses, in-home suites,
storage sheds…).

Here’s what I’d do with the street I live on (with the
agreement and cooperation of all my neighbors); it’s a riff on the street’s
name (Henry Farm drive):


-treescape/edible trees

-Farmville! micro-gardens/farm gate marketing/chicken coops/old tractor
sculpture/“lemonade” stands/flea market/famers market stands


-micro retail

-coach houses

-in-home suites

Bruce and Dawn’s place:

-1-bedroom apt

-coach house

-storage sheds

-garage office/accidental triplex


-sidewalk canopies

-second driveway

Bruce M Firestone, PhD

@ profbruce @ quantum_entity

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