Why are so many millennials failing

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching

Jul 19

Why are so many millennials failing in a hot economy? I can’t be sure but since I have five kids in that age group, I can speculate that…

  1. they stand outside the bag of goodies that the modern economy has to offer
  2. they hate email (“So 1990s!”)
  3. they dislike voicemail even more (“So 1980s!”)
  4. they’re horrible at follow up
  5. who needs to keep a calendar?
  6. they don’t answer their calls
  7. who cares about learning, training, mentoring, coaching, credentials, school?
  8. to heck with social media (except they love disappearing Snap Chatting)
  9. who wants to focus, concentrate and work hard for years at a time to build something worthwhile–a business, a family, a career?
  10. it’s, like, all so tiresome, irksome, so old fashioned, so… lame-o

Having said this, I love the millennial generation too for their unwillingness to put up with the crap that my generation did with services like taxis, banks, credit cards, and telecoms to whom “customer service” is completely unfamiliar territory. Yay the sharing economy.

Prof Bruce

ps mind you, many in my generation followed Timothy Leary’s exhortation to, “Turn on, tune in, drop out,” with predictable results.

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