May 04

What is the Peak Time for Taking Photos in Eastern Ontario?

The peak time in eastern Ontario for taking
outdoor photos doesn’t actually arrive til mid July and only lasts til the end of the 1st
week of August.

Photos, even aerial photos, before or after that are not as
nice, at least as far as foliage development is concerned. 

It’s because this part of Canada’s growing season is so short: 113 prime days, that’s
it, that’s all.

The above photos were taken on May 2, 2015 at one of my listings (on Mazinaw lake), and I couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed that foliage was not more prominent. Canadians suffer through endless winters so nice sunny, leafy days are de reigeur at least as far as successfully selling property, especially recreational property. Of course, to get that, we would either have to wait another two + more months or change the orbital mechanics of the earth around our star…

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