What Info You Should Have on Each Property

By Bruce Firestone | Uncategorized

Jun 23

What info should you have on hand (which today means
digitized with good quality names that you can find on your backed-up computer)
for each of your properties? Below is my list. 

I’m sure there is more you can and should add. 

By the way, most of this info you’ll also need before/during/after you
make a serious offer on a new property…

  1. geo warehouse report (land titles showing ownership history, MPAC assessment, perimeter, area, frontage, depth, plot plan, PIN #, roll # etc)
  2. enhanced report (CMA—comparative market analysis, what other properties in the area sold for)
  3. MPAC assessments (last two years)
  4. propertytaxes (last two years)
  5. survey
  6. building plans including as-builts plus floor plans
  7. environmental report (mainly for commercial property)
  8. well potability test (rural property)
  9. well record (rural property)
  10. septic permit (rural property)
  11. copies of leases
  12. copies of equipment rental contracts (eg hot water tank rental agreement)
  13. property management agreements (manager, snow, lawn care etc)
  14. mortgage statements
  15. copies of all warranties (eg, roof, HVAC etc)
  16. copy of agreement of purchase and sale
  17. lawyer’s report on closing
  18. pro pictures of the property
  19. copy of condo declaration (if condo)
  20. copy of appraisal
  21. copy of building inspection report
  22. spreadsheet for financials
  23. occupancy certificate
  24. copies of all utility payments
  25. copy of soil test (commercial)
  26. copy of hydro geo report (rural property)
  27. copy of MLS listing for sale (or for rent)

Believe it or not, I have most of this on most of the
properties I’ve bought and sold on my computer, backed up in two other places
plus also in the cloud.

I am a demi-god of information, and look ever so smart when
I produce deliveries for amazed clients/lenders/lawyers/suppliers in a matter of seconds… by searching my database, since, you see, my computer is the other ½ of my brain…

@ profbruce

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