Apr 12

What I Want to Look Like at 87

In the extended version of Lord of the Rings–the Two Towers, we learn that Aragorn (played by American actor Viggo Mortensen) is a
Dúnadan, a particularly blessed branch of the human (?) family who live a very long time. 

He tells Rohan princess Éowyn (played by Australian actor Miranda Otto)

who loves the king-in-exile,

that he really



Does she immediately drop her infatuation with Aragorn?

Not on your life.

It pays to look like Viggo (at 87).

Here’s hoping.

@ quantum_entity

postscript: I don’t remember Tolkien ever pinning Aragorn’s age down like that in LOTR… and frankly it’s one scene that probably would have been better left on the cutting room floor or in the trash on someone’s powerful rendering desktop.

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