What an hoffice of the future looks like

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Oct 16

The word “hoffice” in Scandinavia

is used

to denote a shared home office–a place where unrelated people (ie, people not working for the same company or related through family) can come together to share a residential space. It rotates around so that your home or apartment is not always the one being shared.

It’s a sort of rent-a-colleague concept except that rent is zero.

I work from a home office like so many others, and the longer I do it, the more I like both the commute time and productivity levels I am able to achieve.

So what does the hoffice of the future look like?

Well, it has:

-a main home with its own entrance

-a basement apartment with its own entrance facing 90 degrees
from the street

-a sideyard apartment with its own entrance facing 90 degrees
from the street

-a garage home office 

-maker space/workshop in its backyard for 3-D printing and hundreds of other purposes

-granny flat/coach house in its backyard

-storage sheds in its backyard

-games area in its backyard

-carport and awnings covering walkways to keep show/rain off—ie, walkway,
driveway and lane-way awnings

-mini farm/garden/raised garden beds

-garage micro-retail

-smart home technology

-multimedia tech packages

-some energy production/self sufficiency

-natural landscaping that requires no watering, feeding, seeding,
weeding (ie, little or no grass)

-permeable green mesh for frontyard parking and driveway too (for better
storm drainage plus it looks nicer than asphalt)

-at least one microsuite for visitors/Airbnb or general rental

-lots of trees, which will not only provide shade, beauty, clean air and add extra value to your home, if you plant edible fruit trees, they’ll feed your family (for FREE)


If you want to know more about treescapes, please refer to:

How to Grow a 100-Year Forest in 10 Years


Animate Your Property/Add Value:
The Edible Forest Program


Measuring the Value of Design and
Creativity: Value of a City’s Treescape


The home of the future is a multi-faceted, work-live-learn-earn-entertain-hotel-shop-create-make hoffice space with a fantastic ROI for everyone living there, some of whom will develop their own PB4Ls (what I call personal businesses for life)…

It’s also why, you couldn’t give me an office complex in a suburban office “park” even for free. 

Those soulless places are over-warm in winter and freezing in summer; they have bad air, inoperable windows, and they are in hard to get to areas with little or no public transportation or services. They’re dead from every point of view–ownership’s and tenant’s–except some of those people haven’t yet received the memo yet. 

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