Waterfront Lots on Madawaska River

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Mar 27

If you would like to own a waterfront lot on one of the cleanest rivers in the world (the Madawaska, 2nd cleanest in Ontario) within walking distance of a thriving arts/entertainment/restaurant village (Burnstown) and just 37 minutes north-west of Canadian Tire Centre, then you’ve found it. It’s Braeburn Estates, developed by my friend Susan Anglin and her company, KDSA Developments.

The main reasons to choose Braeburn Estates are:

-closer to Ottawa, Arnprior and Renfrew than other areas on the Madawaska/it’s 37 minutes from Canadian Tire Centre to the Blackbird Café
-walking distance to Burnstown, which is a very special place with an active arts, entertainment, foodie and shopping scene
-across from Burnstown beach
-a themed community, which will enhance property values
-the Madawaska regularly rates amongst the top 3 rivers in Ontario for cleanliness, water quality, swimming, paddling, kayaking, rowing, fishing
-mature forest on shoreline and throughout subdivision
-abundant wildlife
-golf cart and e-bike friendly community
-communal access to Braeburn Estates dock, swimming area, canoe/kayak launch, patio and Butternut Grove Park with games and activities for all
-all parcels are waterfront
-township road ensures year-round access
-water is deeper in this part of the Madwaska and the shoreline is nicer
-better stretch of river for active sports like wakeboarding and water-skiing
-water quantity and quality from drilled wells on site is excellent            


Close to Neat Cafe:


Burnstown Beach


And more…


For more info and to reserve your lot now, please contact–

Bruce M Firestone, Century21 Explorer Realty Inc broker, Ottawa Senators founder call:613.422.6757 x 250 email:bruce.firestone@century21.ca text:6137628884 tweet:
@profbruce quantum_entity https://www.brucemfirestone.com/ Making Impossible Possible

June Lauplaunte, Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc salesperson, 613.401.1839 cell

PostScript: As an e-bike owner, I like the idea of being close to everything. I also like the cost of running an e-bike as opposed to a car. I estimated it costs around 1.2 cents per kilometer for the scooter v around 51 cents for our car. Read more about that here, https://profbruce.tumblr.com/post/125346045829/how-much-does-it-cost-to-run-a-torino-e-bike-not

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