Sep 23

Water shortage to cripple swimming pool sales and golf

Want to hear some good news?

Water shortages from São Paulo, Brazil to California are cratering sales of swimming pools and golf courses. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that water shortages in 

São Paulo have caused swimming pool sales there to slide by 60%.

Most home renovations are not good investments returning less than 50% of their original cost, but swimming pools are true horrors. Not only are they expensive to open and close, heat, clean and sterilize but also environmental disasters, gobbling up as they do both chemicals and energy. 

To make matters worse, their ROI is negative–once people see a pool in your backyard, they’ll subtract the cost of removing it and replacing it with some type of benign, non-water using landscaping from their offer price on your home’s resale value.

Golf courses might be worse investments if that is even possible. They consume huge amounts of land, water, fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide and time.



backyard pools and golf courses, ótimo!

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