Jul 21

Want to Make Wayfinding in Parking Lots Easier?

Here’s an unintentional solution to making wayfinding in parking lots easier. This food store created a click and pick-up zone: clients order online, then arrange to pick up their groceries by stationing themselves in these red zones. 

You can see my Saab 95 parked just the other side of the red zone. I’d dropped by to pick up a sushi lunch.

I always concentrate my mind on where I’ve parked because I’ve been known to exit a store, and have no idea where I left it. I suspect I am not alone in this regard. But the red colored asphalt surface made it way easier to remember. 

So it occurred to me that, in addition to having numbered/lettered rows in large parking lots, why not paint the asphalt different colors, or better yet, stir different colored sands into the tar mix when paving?

It would sure make it easier to remember where you parked your vehicle; ie, in the “red zone”, “green zone”, “blue zone”, “end zone”, “ozone”…

Whether, you run a food store or a sports franchise, it’d be nice to have each row sponsored too. Just saying. 

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