Oct 31
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Want To Know Why Our Education System Stinks?

Want to know why I believe our education system stinks? 

It’s because:

1. we treat kids as if they’re incompetent nincompoops for all of their public and high school years

2. check out the above video from ABCMouse.com; see if you still think these children are unmotivated no-nothings

3. we no longer believe in competing to be the best or, at least, the best you can be

4. everyone has to be a “winner”; heaven forfend that anyone should lose or be expected to learn something from losing or failing

5. we don’t let children move around during learning, even if their learning style requires that sort of thing (eg, standup desks)

6. we don’t have nearly enough schools that let kids experiment–with art, music, gymnastics, athletics, maths, science, code, technology, shop, culinary arts, theater, gaming, programming, handicrafting, entrepreneurship, writing, videography, data, farming, gardening, construction, mechanics, trades, mountain biking, kite boarding, kayaking…

It’s why we need more institutions like Canterbury High School of the Arts*, where children do all the regular courses, but also get to practice one of the five arts supported by this magnet school: literary arts, dramatic arts, visual arts, music and dance. 

How about a 

Canterbury High School of the Technological Arts or Canterbury High School of Entrepreneurship, 

Canterbury High School of Shop Arts?

It’s also why I think we should lower voting age, legal age of majority, (real) driving age, drinking age to 16; we treat kids as children way too long. I think people should graduate high school at age 16. Get them engaged in life as soon as possible. 

Did you know right from wrong at 16? Sure you did. By age 9, kids know a lot more than we give them credit for.

Just saying…

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(* Four of my five kids went to Canterbury for writing, drama, dance and art.)

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