Useful Readings for a Product Manager

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Jan 02

I was recently asked by two young
people to compile a list of useful readings for would-be product managers. Of course,
their obvious course of
action is to come to a Learn By Doing course on Advanced Product Management given
by an expert in the subject, namely yours truly. The next course starts Monday
Dec. 3, 2012 in Ottawa
(it is five consecutive 3-hour morning lectures followed by student
presentations on Saturday morning).

is a course developed for techies, biz dev execs, marcom people, engineers,
architects, artists and design professionals.

First, What is a Product

Product Manager is a person who has technical expertise as well as marketing
and communications skills. He or she is present at the very beginning of a new
initiative, i.e., at the ideation stage. Their responsibilities include taking
a new product or service from ideation though its development phase and then
into the marketplace via pre-selected marketing channels. They bring an
understanding of concept planning, functional programming, scheduling,
budgeting, business modeling, pricing theory, guerrilla and social marketing to
bear on this process.

provide team leadership and take responsibility for delivery of products (or
services) that are in demand by the market and to the market on time and on
budget and that produce target rates of return. They understand the value of
launch clients and pre-sales not only to provide a revenue stream for each new
product or service but also to obtain product feedback before launch.

Useful Readings

are some useful readings to get a would-be product manager started:

Product Management

The Parallels between Product
Manager and Entrepreneur
Posted on Saturday 16 July 2011
Guest Post by Alan Mcnaughtan, Associate Director – Internet Product
Development – Bell

Concept Planning, Functional
Programming & Critical Path Methodology
Posted on Sunday 12 September 2010
For Product Managers

iPhone Yields at least 288% p.a.
Return to Apple
Posted on Saturday 16 October 2010
Advanced Spreadsheet Use—For Product Managers

IRR, Internal Rate of Return
Posted on Saturday 23 April 2011
Power of Leverage/Goal Setting

Cash Conversion Cycle, CCC
Posted on Friday 4 February 2011
Plus How the CCC Affects Your Internal Rate of Return,
The Power of Leverage to Work for You and Against You, and
Effectively Manage your Enterprise by Measuring your Cash Position

Looking Back to Look Forward
Posted on Saturday 7 April 2012

The Complete Business Model
Posted on Saturday 16 January 2010


How, Why and Whether to Write a
Media Release
Posted on Thursday 8 March 2012
Understanding the simple arithmetic of how blogs, Twitter, FB, Digg, Reddit and
YouTube are cratering mainstream media

MMB, Magic Marketing Button
Posted on Sunday 12 February 2012
(How Picture Inc can Develop a Sustainable Community Built Around its
Redesigned Biz Model)

Posted on Sunday 12 February 2012

Why Business Models Are Important
Posted on Thursday 19 January 2012

Product Managers and Decoy Pricing
Posted on Saturday 18 June 2011

Is Corporate Planning Obsolete?
Posted on Friday 27 May 2011

Posted on Sunday 12 September 2010

A Product Manager’s Fatal Mistake
Posted on Monday 16 November 2009

Why Businesses (Really) Fail
Posted on Sunday 29 November 2009
Or Why Gadgets and Gizmos Don’t Make for Sound Businesses

How to Get Sponsors For Practically
Posted on Friday 8 October 2010
How to Find Launch Clients
Useful Co-opetition
Strategic Investors
Social Norms v Commercial Ones

Advanced Product Management Course

management is a fast growing profession and essential to the health of all
organizations and that includes not-for-profits, charities, NGOs, even
governments who all have an obligation and duty to be effective and efficient
too. So they need decent business models and top notch product managers to
deliver on their promises.


Bruce M. Firestone, Founder, Ottawa Senators; Author, Quantum Entity Trilogy;
Executive Director,; Broker, Century 21 Explorer Realty;
Entrepreneurship Ambassador, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa.

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