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Jan 02

And the Peradventures of Maddy

Nirvana is a novel (planned for release in 2015) that tells the story of
world-renown, Chicago-based architect, Stewart MacLeod, who travels from place
to place combating irrational forces of NIMBY (Not-In-My-Backyard) behavior
which have become a contagion holding back city-state development in the 2030s
practically everywhere. The novel also tells the story of his younger brother
(Logan MacLeod), a writer, living in the basement of Stewart’s brownstone in a
trendy part of Chicago.

a few doors away lives unhappy Heather Meacham with her eight year old
daughter, Mildred, whom everyone calls Mia. Mildred is an artist and a prodigy.
Heather’s father is Mansfield Meacham, owner of the largest insurance finance
company in the world, Meacham and Knott Insurance Brokerage. Her boyfriend is
Tyrese Muhammad, one of the top event managers in Illinois.

Logan is busy writing something
called The Peradventures of Maddy Henderson and the reader becomes familiar with a
whole new cast of fictional characters living in Big Muddy Saskatchewan. It
becomes a novel within the novel and is the basis for a graphic novel that,
unbeknownst to her mother, Mia is providing artwork for. Meanwhile, Stewart is
busy in LA trying to get an Inland Empire location approved for a second NFL
team to be based there.

the three stories– about the architect’s struggles in LA, the writer’s past
catching up to him and his fiction– merge into one in a surprise twist.

are some of the themes of Urban Nirvana as told via music video. It contains
content appropriate for an audience 18 years of age and older.

video contains music and images which are used here for non commercial
purposes. Images of long brown haired, skinny Maddy, her best friend,
anti-animal cruelty crusader, Dukabor-descended Dariya, and Heather are meant
to inspire.

Here is KC and the Sunshine Band
singing Please Don’t Go. It’s the song playing in someone’s
head as Maddy heads for the exit of their life together…


Babe, I love you so
I want you to know
that I’m going to miss your love
the minute you walk out that door

so please don’t go
don’t go, don’t go away
please don’t go
don’t go, I’m begging you to stay…

Full lyrics at,https://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/beverlyhills90210songsfromthepeachpit/pleasedontgo.htm.

music for Urban Nirvana–


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