Feb 24

Turn Selling Into Buying Maestro Trevor Wilkins

A special guest is coming today to the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Engineering–Mr Trevor Wilkins, who wrote Turn Selling into Buying https://www.turningsellingintobuying.com/.

You cannot be a successful product manager or entrepreneur unless you can sell–sell your ideas to your colleagues and bosses, sell your products or services to customers, even sell suppliers on being part of your ecosystem.

Trevor helps with this, and takes the fear out of selling.

More about Mr Wilkins–

Trevor spent 23 years running sales and sales teams around the world. During that time he noticed that a few people who worked with him were much more effective than others. What’s more those people seemed to do it completely naturally… and without the need for the heartache that everyone else seemed to be experiencing. 

Even more annoyingly, these “Best of the Best” remained sane. So how did they do it?

Mr Wilkins got curious… and began modeling their behavior–how they thought, what they did and, most importantly, what they said.

After nine years of development, delivery and research, he created the turn Selling into Buying® model.  It can be used by anyone to improve the way they influence others to buy from them–whether it’s an idea, a product, a service, or simply a vision. 

The skills he teaches increase revenue; help it arrive earlier and more predictably; and make the sales job more enjoyable.  He runs influence seminars for industry groups, gives conference keynotes and, aided by his worldwide associates, runs Fearless Selling workshops for sales & marketing teams in Canada, the US, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.

Trevor was a British commando in the Falklands War exactly 30 years ago this month.

He’s considerably less dangerous and a lot more fun now… but he still brings that same energy and drive to everything he does.

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February 24, 2014

Message from Trevor after class–

Ken and Athar were really great. Thanks for your help, guys.

Here are my follow up notes:

Cheers and thanks

Trevor Græme Wilkins – the Sustainable Selling Guru

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