Troubled Kids Might Just be the Next Steve Jobs

By Bruce Firestone | Uncategorized

Jul 02

If your kid is bored in school, hates taking direction, is acting out, maybe it’s because s/he was born or bred to be an entrepreneur.

And if you think, as an adult, you can’t be an entrepreneur because you were repressed by your parents as well as your school, and your “friends,” all of whom told you over and over again when you were a child and later as a grownup, “You’re no good; you can’t do it; it’s too risky; get real, and get a job,” then watch this 2010 TEDx Talk by Canadian author, coach, top-ranked MIT lecturer, keynote speaker and entrepreneur Cameron Herold. 

If you think you can master some of the techniques Cameron mentions, and acquire the mental stance that he talks about, and you believe you can overcome the trap that your childhood has led you into, then reach out for your dream and launch your own PB4L, personal business for life,


can become an entrepreneur at any age…

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