Triple Bottom Line Housing Development in Melbourne

By Bruce Firestone | Tiny Homes

Dec 16

How to reduce costs, increase unit size and develop a triple bottom line (economically, environmentally and socially sustainable model) by Melbourne architect

Jeremy McLeod:


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postscript: I like Jeremy’s ideas on cost reduction and completely understand how difficult it is to get unorthodox projects both approved and financed. 

One thing in particular caught my attention: getting
rid of the second bathroom/powder room/en-suite to save in construction. 

Hmm, I thought,
maybe we could borrow an idea from office buildings and build residential w/c’s
like this (see below) so that if someone was taking a shower or on the toilet,
you would still be able to “go”. 

There is a tiny bit of innovation here I believe:
like a sink that is outward facing to a hallway, like two toilets accessed again from the hallway, like a door
to the outside that allows folks to access a w/c from a shed, workshop or garden,
like a mirror facing the hallway and another one facing the shower so you could shower and
shave (say) at the same time… Maybe it’s a dumb idea but… here you go:

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