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Jul 13

Here’s a program I designed to create an edible forest in our town
via its realtor community. 

This is my outline:

1. realtors, instead of giving gift baskets or bottles of wine for
every home sold, would give fruit trees
2. this will help create a significant tree canopy (shade, beauty, wind
protection) over the years and help the city feed itself too
3. there are 3,000 realtors in Ottawa and 30,000 in Toronto, imagine if they
each sold 5 properties per year and gave 2 or 3 fruit trees per home sold?
4. I think mortgage brokers should also get involved as well
5. that would mean maybe as many as 45,000 trees per yr in Ottawa
and an incredible 450,000 in Toronto
6. trees would be saplings available locally for less than $10 each
7. preferred varieties—serviceberry, pear, grape, black walnut, cherry, gingko,
hazel and plum
8. probably not apple trees because they require too much care and attention
9. the other species require ~ zero upkeep
10. all species would be adapted to cold weather
11. there is evidence to show that homes on street with a significant tree
canopy sell faster and for about 6-8% more than similar houses on roads with
little tree cover
12. all trees would be self pollinating (which means they can propagate their
species alone without help)

Watch again the 1st 27 seconds of this video—it’s fun and sort of
gives you an idea of how important trees are to human beings:

Tree of Rare and Magical Fruit,

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