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By Bruce Firestone | Architecture

May 23

I talk a lot about animating buildings by finding clever ways to add new revenue streams. Here's an example of a group that wants to animate their town. That place is Eganville, a tiny (1,100-person) gem halfway between Ottawa and Algonquin Park nestled on both side of the Bonnechere river.

The group, led by my friend Don Bishop, plans to make good use of thousands of cheese boxes left behind when the old creamery in town closed down. Their plan is to sell them for $10 each on behalf of local charities then race them down the Bonnechere (on August 2nd, 2018) in what they're calling "The Great Canadian Cheesebox Race."

The winner receives a cash prize of $350; the last place cheese box gets a not-bad booby prize of $300.

Don, count me in for a cheese box! I'm going to call mine "Prof Bruce Sink or Swim." I'll add my own secret sauce too to secure a win (a spray-on waterproofing like you'd use for suede shoes--but don't tell anyone else ok?)

[Don with cheese boxes]

[Bonnechere Caves founder Chris Hinsperger with "Bad Boy" cheese box]

[mayor Jennifer Murphy announcing her intention to win on behalf of town council]

[one tough racecourse]

[trial run]

[testing, testing 1-2-3-4]

[navigating the rapids alone]

[project coordinator Lee MacOdrum]

[all for one]

Renfrew Today reports,

Have you ever thought about racing a cheese box? I’m sure most people haven’t but that’s the plan for August 2nd during Homecoming celebrations in Eganville. Chair of the Eganville and Area Community Development Group, Don Bishop, says that cleaning out the old creamery building in Eganville led to this idea.

Bishop says only 500 will be sold this year to allow for ‘The Great Canadian Cheesebox Race’ to be an annual event for at least a couple years. He also says there are incentives to take the race seriously.

Cheese boxes will be on sale for $10 each, and the money goes towards a dock to be built in Eganville as part of the downtown revitalization.

To view Don et al on CTV news, check out,

Finally, here's a video we put together on animating/renovating the old creamery in Eganville,

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