Today’s oxymorons

By Bruce Firestone | Uncategorized

Nov 21

Here’s my list of oxymorons for today—

-reliable Internet

-fast upload speeds

-your-data-is-safe-in-the cloud

-off grid

-sustainable development

-savings account


-personal privacy

-customer service

-financial planner

-insurance settlement

-successful divorce

-urban planner

-deal-making lawyer

-sound investment

“What comes 1st? The chicken or the egg?” asks the evolutionary biology teacher.

“Whichever you order 1st,” the moron replies.

-freedom 55

-safe bank

-bank safe

-spam filter

-virus protection

-trickle-down economics

-trust me

-business accountant

-logical decision

-marketing specialist

-altruistic dentist

-motivated bureaucrat

-new and improved

-peaceful protest

-smart bet

-honest broker

-bank lending

-mutual fund

-stockmarket tip

-investment pro

-personal guarantee

-safe sex

-medical breakthrough

-decision point

-balance sheet

-ebola protocol

-community policing

-investment banker

-inflation protection

-master business administration

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