Tiny Homes are Illegal in Ontario

By Bruce Firestone | Tiny Homes

Sep 03

But Shouldn’t Be


Here’s how Ontario and many other jurisdictions make sure their citizens are in debt til they die–

By way of the many restrictions in place, governments are actually a major contributor to the ongoing affordable housing crises!  It is illegal to live full time in an RV (or tiny house)  UNLESS  you are in a RV resort or park where RV’s are allowed. You can’t even build a smaller house or “right sized house for you” on the ground in Ontario and legally live in it.  It must be built to a dictated minimum size, usually 800 square feet or more, adhering to every building code and every bylaw requirement.  MPAC will also asses any building, a shed, garage, even a outhouse and make you pay extra yearly taxes for it.  Anything under the minimum size requirements would be considered uninhabitable, would not be in compliance with the building codes in Ontario, and is clearly outlawed to be occupied full time. You would be shut down.

Why do you build tiny houses on steel frames with wheels? 

There are many reasons why this is necessary. First it eliminates the need and high development costs you normally would have when building a home on the ground. There are no building permits required so you don’t have to follow outdated or unreasonable building code.  It eliminates the laws that restrict housing to be of a certain larger size, so you can actually build a right size house. And, you would pay no yearly taxes as you normally would have to, for a house built on the ground.  Ontario considers these a home made RV, ( there not !  [SIC]) and as such plate them at a small one time fee. They are also portable, so you could build in one location and move it to a smart community when finished.  Or move anytime, with your house, to any other location or smart community in Ontario. You can build a building in Ontario on the ground around 10’ X 10’ or 100 square feet without a building permit, but not a house that small, it would be illegal to live in it.  See above question. Again, you would be shut down.

Source: KINGSTON TINY HOUSE GROUPhttps://wwppss.wix.com/smart

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