Nov 22

The NHL–100 Years of On-Ice Action & Boardroom Battles by D’Arcy Jenish

Hockey historian D’Arcy Jenish writes a centennial history of the National League before it is officially 100 years old (that will happen in 2017).

Mr Jenish during the writing of his book asked me about our Bring Back the Senators campaign and tells me that he got unprecedented access to former NHL president John Ziegler, a man who has been notoriously media shy since leaving the League.

Here’s what Mr Jenish has to say about his work on the book, “I was at it for three years. Among other things, I did about 15 hours of interviews with John Ziegler. I believe I am the only writer to conduct any meaningful interviews with him since he resigned and he was very candid about the challenges he faced and the complexities of running the league.

"We got along very well. I had some good recommendations from people I had written about before. Pierre Boivin, former president of les Canadiens, for one.

"Mr Ziegler said most of the other Canadian franchises were skeptical of Ottawa’s prospects as an NHL venue, but he was persuaded by you personally and by the bid you submitted.

"Anyway, lots of good stuff in this volume.”

You can read a review of D’Arcy’s book by Joe Pelletier here,

The book is available from Amazon,

Prof Bruce


“I remember all the skepticism about Ottawa at the time and didn’t like it. I knew from my Stanley Cup book that Ottawa was a foundational city as far as hockey goes and deserved to be in (the National League) for that reason and for all the city has given the game over the years in the way of great players. 

"The Sens have made their own contribution to the city’s great hockey tradition. I just think of Alfie…18 or 19 years and 400+ goals. He should be a candidate for the HHOF. 

"Also, the Sens 25th season will be 2017-18, same year as the NHL’s Centennial.”

D’Arcy Jenish

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