Feb 24

Testimonial for LE Tours and its Founder, O’Neil Lawrence

“What really made our recent trip to Jamaica special wasn’t just the warm weather and beautiful countryside; it was joining up with LE Tours and local guide O’Neil Lawrence for a once-in-a-lifetime visit to the Blue Mountains, the highest point in the Caribbean. Mr Lawrence and his kind staff showed us things and told us stories that, trust me, only people who know the island can find or know,” Bruce M Firestone, Ottawa Senators founder, Century 21 broker, Canada, February 2014.

Goldeneye Jamaica, Ian Flemings Shangri La pic.twitter.com/8XsVmZp0TV

Nicest 10-bedroom home u will ever see on mountain top pic.twitter.com/O25ocSYBHE

LE Tour owner O’Neil Lawrence and park ranger Marlon Hamilton on way to peak of Blue Mountains pic.twitter.com/hRlsh2lnN2

Ian Fleming and Sean Connery pic.twitter.com/CZE7Ha6tIb

LE Tours takes a bus similar to this one up a narrow treacherous trail to top of Blue Mountains, highest point in Caribbean pic.twitter.com/y9iSIqguQR

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