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Get some professional advice/coaching/mentoring from a trusted and experienced source—says Terrell Owens
[Excerpt from Gadgets and Gizmos—how to tell if you own a real business or just an expensive hobby  available from,[...]
Why Cheering for the Maple Leafs is… Unnatural
Years ago, I wrote, Why Cheering for the Maple Leafs is… Unnatural. Essentially, I argue that when your home team[...]
Delivering Profitability
[Here’s a book review I wrote in 2010 that is still relevant today (circa September 2020), so I’ve now added[...]
What to do with $207 billion in cash?
Kind of a nice problem to have, n'est-ce pas? Well, this is the challenge that Apple is currently facing seeing[...]
Why not to work from home
I’m sure there are many people who work from home and enjoy that experience. I am not one of them[...]
How to pitch anything
Book review of Pitch Anything, an innovative method for presenting, persuading and winning the deal by Oren Klaff, https://youtu.be/0ihMwKc2Sow With[...]
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