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Stupid Zoning Rules
Here's an excerpt from a book I wrote (Jenna's Story, https://brucemfirestone.com/product/jennas-story/) in which Jenna McConnell launches into a diatribe on[...]
Selling Towns Should not be a Swimsuit Competition
Look at the way this developer sells towns… see below. It’s more of a “swimsuit” competition rather than a value[...]
How to pay off your mortgage faster?
Try this: reduce your amortization period from 35 years to 30, from 30 to 25, from 25 to 20, even[...]
Recession or maybe not?
I suspect a recession is coming to the US and Canada as well as Europe and the UK in 2020.[...]
In Defense of Suburbia
A Brief History It wasn’t that long ago (and the condition still exists in certain cantons of Switzerland, for example)[...]
Who needs a basement or sideyard apartment or a backyard coach house?
If you talk to many developers like I do, the answer to this question is often, "No one" or "Not[...]
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