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Nothing can go wrong in the construction industry, right?
A client of mine asked me today about helping him sort through a very complex contract to fit up his[...]
Taking care of yourself and your family for three generations
I believe it's time for a new approach to taking care of yourself and your family for at least three[...]
My GaVinci Report
My friend and adviser Corey Oliver helped me develop my very own GaVinci Report. It rhymes with "da Vinci" for[...]
Prof Bruce’s Message Map developed with chief storyteller Corey Oliver
Developing a message map for a business, organization or even a sole practitioner like me, is really important. It helps[...]
Woodlot development potential
[The difference between a city accountant and a country one explained...] Clients of mine, first time home-buyers Katie and John[...]
What price should you pay for investment real estate?
I teach/mentor/coach a buy and hold strategy when it comes to real estate investing. It's also a truism that you[...]
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