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Walking Small
I talk a lot about animation of individual properties--how to add new revenue streams to your real estate investment portfolio[...]
Warren Buffett’s secret sauce revealed in a single paragraph
Think about it—Mr Buffett has been buying stock in well-managed, top brands for many decades. These stocks (for the most[...]
CFRA Experts on Call with Sean McCormick, Bruce Firestone and Dave Watts
If you missed it, here's Sean McCormick, expert mortgage broker, and Bruce M Firestone, real estate investment and business coach,[...]
How to overcome negativity in your life
Here's a joke about negativity: Why are mathematicians so positive? Because the square root of -1 is an imaginary number.[...]
Should Ottawa ban Airbnb if you don’t live there?
I read Jon Willing's October 5th, 2019 well-reported article, Ban some from renting homes short term if they don't live[...]
Bucket of wisdom and laughs
My friend Chris Castillo is nearly finished writing his pithy and insightful book, Bucket of Wisdom available for pre-order at,[...]
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