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How many ways are there for Canadian real estate entrepreneurs to get screwed?
[The problem with low appraisals] I am frustrated that Canadian real estate entrepreneurs have so few options when it comes[...]
Why American businessmen and businesswomen are eating everyone’s lunch
I coach some fantastic entrepreneurs in the US, Canada and elsewhere. However, there is an experience common to entrepreneurs the[...]
Animate a whole town
The story of Tamworth, a small town in Ontario "Animation" is a term I use to describe ways of adding[...]
Fork in the Road – The People, Places and Pivots that Shaped Bruce M Firestone, PhD
[Another GaVinci Report by Corey Oliver] Pivot – in the business world it means to shift. To move to Plan[...]
The last 3%
Substantial completion (aka, substantial performance) in real estate is usually defined this way: When approximately 97% of work outlined in[...]
The cat came back
This Xmas I am into handmade Christmas gifts as opposed to store-bought ones. So, here's a story I wrote and[...]
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