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Aug 10

Driven to do better

By Bruce Firestone | Uncategorized

(This article first appeared in OBJ, https://www.obj.ca/Opinion/Bruce-Firestone-5444. It is the final installment in a 2-part series.) City of Ottawa planner Alain Miguelez is nothing if not a planetary citizen—born in Argentina, Alain and his parents moved to Ottawa (via France) when he was 2.  Alain Miguelez  After growing up in this city, becoming an urban geography […]

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Jul 07

How many bad decisions can one city’s planners make?

By Bruce Firestone | Tiny Homes , Uncategorized

Part 1 (A version of this article first appeared in OBJ, https://www.obj.ca/Opinion/2016-07-06/article-4580282/Ottawas-ugly-planning-history/1) How many bad decisions can one city’s planners make? Lots, if you are talking about Ottawa.  Let’s review their record— -Ottawa got rid of streetcars many years ago, not to replace them with subway or metro, but dirty, smelly diesel buses that get stuck […]

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