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Jan 17

Keynote By Bruce M Firestone, PhD


Do you want to learn how to create significant value for yourself and your family in an enterprise that you own and control—value that can provide you the freedom and security to realize your lifetime goals? This keynote speech by Bruce M Firestone, PhD will show you how to bootstrap yourself to success in the 21st century.


Firestone talks about how modern business models allow you to build world class businesses, ones that compete with the best in your industry, as well as bring a great deal of differentiated value. He’ll speak about how the Internet facilitates mass customization of products and services for the first time, and how to reverse out much of the work that you used to have to do to clients and suppliers. He demonstrates how to cost effectively reach and keep clients via new marketing, where you earn customer trust as opposed to simply buying it. He’ll tell you one of the great secrets to successful negotiating—negative cost selling. He’ll help you understand how to finance your business using self-capitalization techniques that really work.

“Bruce Firestone has an inspirational message and a voice that will break down the walls,” Carolyn Parker, Triple I Event Services

How does he know these techniques work? Well, he used it himself to launch a real estate business when he was in his late 20s, and then again in his late 30s, to create a successful bid to bring the National Hockey League back to Ottawa after a nearly 60-year hiatus. Their resulting success changed the city and brought a sense of pride to all of Canada at a time when the country was already going through another tough recession and had lost two existing NHL teams, in Quebec and Winnipeg.


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