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St-Albert Farmers Set Guinness Record for Most Threshing Mills

While officials from Guinness Book of Records and 10,000 spectators watch, St-Albert Ontario farmers attempt to set the world record for the most threshing mills in operation at any one time in one place.

The group started with 115, some horse driven most of them tractor-powered, but 4 of them failed to operate for the required 15 consecutive minutes and were disqualified. So a new record was established–111 mills.


Threshers are used to mill grain, wheat, barley, oats and peas. So if you like to eat, these are pretty important machines.

My friend and reeve of Montague township, Bill Dobson, was there and has the t-shirt to prove it:

How’s that for animating a place?

What’s even more impressive is their community spirit. In 2013, the St-Albert Cheese Co-operative was destroyed by a fire. Their co-op is one of the oldest in Canada and the community rallied around to rebuild the place.

The company reported that, “Over the next few days, production was quickly moved to other factories so that (we) could keep supplying (our) loyal customers. Some of the employees were redeployed to the St-Albert primary school, while others were temporarily laid off.” 

It now looks like this:

And their world-famous Le Festival do La Curd continues… 

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