Some Taglines I Like

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching

Nov 29

Some Taglines I Like

We the North (Toronto Raptors 2013-2016 re-branding with rapper Drake and creative agency, Sid Lee)

We dig dirt (North Carolina-based Kioti Tractors with creative agency, Baldwin&)

Where’s the Beef (Wendy’s)

Give Yourself Some Credit (

New York is Big, But this is Biggar (created in 1914 by a survey crew who painted it on a town sign as a drunken prank, in Saskatchewan)

I Love NY

Like a Rock (Chevy)

Does she or doesn’t she (Clairol, 1964)

Clinics That Move You (Phelona Therapies)

Making Impossible Possible (what Prof Bruce does with realtor work, keynote speaking, coaching, writing, business models)

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing… the whole thing (Alka Seltzer, 1966)

We try harder (Avis)

Think Different (Apple)

Recess for Adults (Ottawa Sport and Social Club)

Just Do It (Nike)

Can you hear me now (Verizon)

Great Space For Great People (Terrace Investments Ltd, 1st parent company of the Ottawa Senators)

Takes a Lickin’, But Keeps on Tickin’ (Timex)

The quicker picker-upper (Bounty)

When you’ve got it, flaunt it (Braniff Airlines)

Less house! More life! (Tiny House Project)

Outta Site (for a mini storage company I used to run)

A Better Life In Store (Kardish Health Food)

L’EGGO MY EGGO ® (Kellogg’s)

We’re the Netflix of underwear (just don’t send it back) (Manpacks,

Making Each Day Count (a riff on Jack Dawson’s line in the film Titanic, make each day count)

My name is Bond, James Bond

Because so much is riding on your tires (Michelin)

Wassup (Budweiser)

I’d walk a mile for a camel (Camel)

I’d rather fight than switch (Tareyton cigarettes)

Tastes so good cats ask for it by name (Meow Mix)

Private Home Retirement (Phoebe Services)

Inspiration comes standard (Chrysler)

If I’ve only one life, let me live it as a blonde (Clairol)

If you want to capture someone’s attention, whisper (Coty Perfume)

Lifts and separates (Playtex Cross-Your-Heart Bra)

We’re cooking now (Denny’s)

Multi generational living (Phoebe Services)

Aren’t you glad you use Dial? Don’t you wish everybody did? (Dial Soap)

When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight (FedEx)

I forgot the contracts (FedEx)

We Corner The Market (Irving Rivers whose building sits on a corner in Ottawa’s Byward Market)


It keeps going, and going, and going… (Energizer Batteries)

Nothing sucks like an Electrolux (Electrolux)

Put a tiger in your tank (Exxon)

Don’t get mad. Get GLAD (GLAD)

American by birth. Rebel by choice. (Harley Davidson)

Nothing runs like a Deere (John Deere)

They’re g-r-r-r-eat! (Kellog’s Frosted Flakes)

Finger-lickin’ good (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (a riff on the original Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority slogan)

Betcha can’t eat just one (Lay’s Potato Chips)

Listen. They’ll talk. (Bruce Firestone)

Global village (Marshall McLuhan)

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk (US Dept of Transportation)

Swedish melancholy at its driest (Stutterheim Raincoats)


Close to Home (, coach house/granny flat builder)

Taking on work (Conrad Construction and Design)

The Thicker, Quicker picker-Upper (Bounty)

unreal returns (for Red Circle Group, a venture fund for real estate entrepreneurs)

we don’t sleep til you do (CLR Property Management)

putting real into real estate (McIntosh REI, Real Estate Investors)

helping professional (Marilynne Ball, realtor)

your place to find space (Easy Space)

we help you standout (Black Sheep Developments)

holding it together (Holman Capital Partners, Menlo Park)

living the suite life (Lemay Property Solutions)

opening doors (, realtor)

instant grassification (

Sometimes, the company’s tagline is simply in their name, such as–

Dirt Depot

Earth Depot

Whole Foods

Trim and Proper,, hedge trimming, prim and proper riff…

Barketing [a combo of “Barking” and “Marketing” used by a modern, successful pet business website developer,]

Switch Energy [a clean energy company whose name has an obvious double meaning,]

ReStore (Habitat for Humanity’s for-profit business that restores, recycles and resells donated second hand items for the construction and renovation industry, also a “Re-Store” type of thing)

image, energy efficiency consultancy to the home-building industry

Saw this in a major drugstore recently, “Your Life Store.” Hmm, I thought, not bad. But I like taglines that have (at least) two meanings so I added one word…, a New Zealand launch site for documentary shorts

Taglines should try to be:

1. memorable

2. preferably 3 or 4 words (max 5 or 6)

3. have more than 1 meaning

4. be authentic and highly trustable

5. be funny

Company names should try to be:

-easy to spell and say

-available in .com, .ca and .org (so that you can eventually bolt on a not-for-profit organization to your for-profit business one day if you would like to do good works/giveback to your community)

-available for twitter, instagram and facebook (not only facebook pages but groups too)

-promotable on snapchat, google ad words, craigslist, kijiji, padmapper, pinterest etc

-open for an eventual trademark application if you so choose to do that at some point

-non offensive but clever

Naming Things

I also like naming places (like Middle Earth elves did). So instead of saying you live or work at 1234 Any street, you can say, “I live/work at O’Brien Place.”

Place names I’ve created:

-the Palladium (now Canadian Tire Centre, where the NHL’s Ottawa Senators play)

-Robertson Mews


-Burning Rock (think my last name, “Firestone”)

-Dunrobin Lake

-Brassils Creek Village

-Mallorn Centre

-Royal Bank Pavilion

and many more.

What you want to do when you name something is make it meaningful. So look at its history, its occupancy, its neighborhood–honor its past and future.

Here’s the logo, name and tagline for Terrace Investments Limited, the first parent company of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators:


Here’s a great online resource that can help you pick names for your buildings,

They have a list of celebrity house names and one with over 7,000 British house names as well as shorter lists of French, Latin and other potential names.

In a post titled “Not Just a Number,” they say:

It’s not often in life that we have the power and authority to name anything, especially anything that can exist for hundreds of years. Certainly we name our children, but what else? Perhaps a boat, occasionally even a special car, but these names don’t last.

Inventors, scientists and explorers are usually the only ones able to choose a name for something that lives on forever.

A house may be the only thing we can all name!

This right to be creative, to add character and distinction to a property, is one of the few ways in which we can make a statement against the ever growing list of impersonal identification numbers that encroach upon virtually all aspects of our everyday lives.

We have numbers constantly imposed upon us throughout our lives : a tax reference, a national health and national insurance number, telephone numbers, a driving licence number and a whole host of PIN numbers. We can do little about any of these.

One choice we can make is whether we wish to name our house and, if so, we can choose the name we want. This can be a well chosen, well researched name, or a humorous, even cynical one. They are all of interest to the social historian.

[It also adds value for landlord and tenant—it’s like Italian
trains of the 1970s—the only difference between 1st and 3rd
class was the price you pay. Seriously. Basically, this was so men in business
attire wouldn’t have to ride with peasants and their animals. So living or
working, for example, at “Heritage Place” instead of 155 Queen street Ottawa is
considered more posh and hence you pay higher rent and associate yourself with
higher status individuals. If you think what Aussies call “poser value” doesn’t
exist, you haven’t watched thousands of consumers line up/camp out overnight
for the latest Apple product, which, while I am sure they’re decent, are not worth
either the premiums you pay for them or a cold night spent outdoors.]

Here’re some of their celebrity house names:


Geoffrey Archer Writer / Politican The Old Vicarage
Aileen Armitage Author Chapters
Sir Richard Attenborough Film Director / Actor Old Friars
David Basnett Union Leader Windrush
Raymond Baxter Broadcaster The Green Cottage
Bill Beaumont Sportsman/Journalist Alderley
David Bellamy Naturalist Mill House
Dickie Bird Cricket Umpire White Rose Cottage
Chris Bonington Mountaineer Badger Hill
Chris Brasher Athlete/Broadcaster The Navigator’s House
David Broome Showjumper Mount Ballan Manor
Joe Brown Climber Menai Hall
R.A.C. Byatt Ambassador Drim-na-Vullin
Nicholas Cage Actor Midford Castle
Phyllis Calvert Actress Hill House
Michael Checkland BBC Director General Orchard Cottage
George Cole Actor Donnelly
Joseph Cooper Musician Octogon Lodge
Ted Croker Ex Soccer Supremo South Court
Sir Horace Cutler Former GLC Leader Hawkswood
Roald Dahl Writer Gipsy House
John Dankworth Musician The Old Rectory
Les Dawson Comedian The Bumbles
Derek Dougan Former Footballer Bayern House
Michael Douglas Actor Longlands (in Bermuda)
Charles Dyer Novelist Old Wob
Pat Eddery Jockey Musk Hill Farm
GlennEvans Web Design Myra House
Bud Flanagan Entertainer Arches
Bruce Forsyth Entertainer Straidarran
John Francome Ex Jockey Windy Hollow Stud
Brian Friel Writer Drumaweir House
Christopher Fry Dramatist The Toft
George Gale Journalist Titlington Hall
Sandy Gall Newscaster Doubleton Oast House
Ray Galton Scriptwriter The Ivy House
Bob Geldof Singer/Fundraiser Davington Priory
Sir John Gielgud Actor South Pavilion
Peter Glossop Opera Singer End Cottage
Michael Grade TV Executive Wycombe End House
Lucinda Green Three-day Eventer Appleshaw House
Kathleen Hale Artist/Author Tod House
RHammond-Innes Author/Traveller Ayres End
George Harrison Ex Beatle Friar Park
Jacquetta Hawkes Author Littlecote
JS Hawkesworth Film/TV Producer Fishponds House
Patrick Heron Painter Eagles Nest
Rachael Heyhoe Flint Sports/Journalist Danescroft
Colin Horsley Pianist Tawsden Manor
John Hurt Actor Ballintubbert House
L Henry Irving Actor/Author The Lea
A J G Isaac Inland Revenue Executive Moonsfield
H B Jacks Bedales Headmaster Applegarth
G N Jackson Horse Writer Lowbarrow House
John Jacobs Golf Adviser Stable Cottage
Dame Naomi James Yachtswoman/Writer Woodland Cottages
A W John Financial Consultant Limber
J F Josling Legal Writer Proton
Penelope Keith Actress Mousehill Manor
J W R Kempe Ex Gordonstoun Headmaster Maple Tree Cottage
William Kensall Ex Cheshire Chief Constable Three Keys Cottage
Michael Kenward Editor, New Scientist Grange Cottage
R R Kerr Ex Sheriff of Tayside Bagatelle
Robert Kilroy-Silk MP, TV Presenter, MEP Beel House
R Kilroy-Silk TV Presenter/Ex MP Woodlea House
P F King Air Vice Marshall Squirrel’s Nook
Sir Larry Lamb Ex Daily Express Editor Hoskins Barn
K F Lane Mining Consultant Down House
James Leasor Author Swallowcliffe Manor
D G Leonard Bishop of London London House
Helen Liddell Newspaper Director Glenisla
Beatrice Lillie (Lady Peel) Actress Peel Fold
Penelope Margaret Lively Writer Duck End
Christopher Lloyd Gardening Writer Great Dixter
Sir Bernard Lovell Director, Jodrell Bank The Quinta
John Lunch Port of London Executive Twittens
Benjamin Luxon Baritone Bylands House
Humphrey Lyttelton Musician/Journalist Alyn Close
Hamish MacInnes Climber/Author Achnacone
Donald Whyte MacLeary Dancer, Royal Ballet Bunyans Cottage
Wolf Mankowitz Author The Bridge House
Derek H Martin Professor of Physics Hermanus
PeregrineMassey High Sheriff of Kent (2010) Bold Shaves
Richard Mayne Writer/Broadcaster Albany Cottage
Iverach McDonald Ex ‘Times’ Director Whistlers
John Ralph Merton Painter Pound House
Cliff Michelmore Broadcaster White House
P N Miller Ex Chairman – Lloyds Sarratt
Bert Millichip F A Chairman Fairlight
J W C Moir BBC TV Executive The Lawn
Geoffrey Moorhouse Writer Park House
H R V C Morgan ‘Lords’ Librarian Cliffe Cottage
John Mortimer Barrister/Author Turville Heath Cottage
Malcolm Muggeridge Philosopher/Writer Park Cottage
Frank Muir Broadcaster/Writer Anners
T F S Mullaly Art Historian Waterside House
James Neill Lord Lieutenant, South Yorks. Barn Cottage
Percy Newby Novelist Garsington House
D H Newsome Master, Wellington College The Retreat
Sir Leslie Newton Ex Editor, Financial Times Little Basing
Lord Oaksey Racing Commentator Hill Farm
Vincent O’Brien Racehorse Trainer Ballydoyle House
Detta O’Cathain MD. Milk Marketing Board The Old Malthouse
Michael O’Donnell Author/Broadcaster Handon Cottage
Hon. Angus Ogilvy Businessman Thatched House Lodge
P S Paine Chairman ‘Oracle’ Briarfield
C N Parkinson Author/Historian Delancey
John Paxton Author Moss Cottage
W (William Wood)Peat Broadcaster Carbro
E L Penning Rowsell Wine Writer Yew Trees House
Francis Mary Perry Horticulturalist Bulls Cross Cottage
Mary Peters Sportswoman Willowtree Cottage
K M Peyton Writer Rookery Cottage
Mary Phillpotts Writer Cobblestones
Lester Piggott Ex Jockey Florizel
Dr R W Pilkington Author/Journalist Les Cactus
Chapman Pincher Journalist/Novelist The Church House
Jenny Pitman Racehorse Trainer Weathercock House
David James Poole Artist The Granary
Dennis Potter Playwright Morecambe Lodge
Michael L Powell Film Director Lee Cottages
Ian Prestt D.G. of the RSPB Eastfield House
Louis Prima Singer/Songwriter in 1940’s & 1950’s Pretty Acres
A O H Quick Ex Head, Bradfield College Corbin
J C F Quinn Film Producer Crescent Cottage
Harry Rabinowitz Conductor/Composer Hope End
Dr R G Rainey Tropical Pest Consultant Elmslea
Margaret Rawlings Actress Rocketer
Claire Rayner Writer/Broadcaster Holly Wood House
John (Robson) Reid Architect/Designer Arnoside House
Ruth Barbara Rendell Crime Novelist Nussteads
Robert Robinson Writer/Broadcaster Laurel Cottage
Nigel David Rogers Singer/Conductor Chestnut Cottage
Francis Rossi Status Quo Frontman Glade (The)
Raman Subba Row Chairman TCCB Leeward
E J C Russell Sculptor Lethendry
Robert Sangster Ex Chairman, Vernons Pools The Nunnery
Robert Scholey Chairman, British Steel The Coach House
Sir Peter Scott Ornithologist New Grounds
Desmonde Shawe-Taylor Music Critic Long Crichel House
Charles Hubert Sisson Writer Moorfield Cottage
Johnny Speight Writer Fouracres
Frank Showell Styles Author Trwyn Cae Iago
Julian Gustave Symons Author Groton House
Godfrey Talbot Author/Journalist Holmwell
Eric Taylor Printmaker/Painter Gordale
David Tench Legal Adviser Pleasant View
Norman Thelwell Artist/Cartoonist Herons Mead
Percy Thrower Late gardening expert The Magnolias
G H G Tilling Ex Postal Executive Standpretty
John Timpson BBC Correspondent Ark Cottage
Richard Todd Actor Chinham Farm
David Tomlinson Actor Brook Cottage
Nigel Tranter Novelist/Author Quarry House
Sir Anthony Tuke Chairman, Savoy Hotel Freelands
J O Urmson Academic Standfast
D J Urquhart DG – British Library Lending Services Wood Garth
L M Urquhart MD, Burmah Oil Beechwood
Charles Ivan Vance Actor/Director Oak Lodge
O J Vaughan-Jackson Orthopaedic Surgeon The White Cottage
Sir John Verney Painter/Author The White House
L E Waddilove Housing Corporation Executive Red Oaks
Richard Wainwright Former Liberal MP The Heath
Peter Walwyn Racehorse Trainer Seven Barrows
Fanny Waterman Pianist/Teacher Woodgarth
Auberon Waugh Columnist Combe Florey House
Sidney Weighell Gen. Sec. NUR Blenheim
Brian Wenham BBC Executive Red Cottage
Peter West Radio Commentator The Paddock
Marjorie Westbury Singer/Actress Copperdene
Lawrence Whistler Engraver/Writer The Old Manor
Lawrence Whistler Engraver / Writer Old Manor (The)
Mary Whitehouse Media Critic Ardleigh
J A Wight (James Herriot) Author/Vet Mire Beck
Colin Henry Wilson Author Tetherdown
Fred Winter Racehorse Trainer Uplands
Peregrine Worsthorne Journalist/Editor Westerlies
I H N Yates Press Assoc. Executive Woodbury
J R Youens Ex Chaplain to the Queen Fir Tree Cottage
Sir Brian Young Chairman, Christian Aid Hill End
J A Young MD, Young & Co. Brewery Moonsbrook Cottage
Sir Leslie Young Bank of England Director Overwood
R F C Zamboni MD, Sun Life Society Long Meadow
P S Zeigler Author Picket Orchard

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Ontario is one of the friendliest jurisdictions in which to start a business. You can search and register a business name online (for about $61, and that’s in Canadian pesos, err, dollars not USD). Read more about getting started/registering your business/acquiring a master business license here:

Best Casual Dating Site Tagline Ever?

Hi I’m Heather, age 20. My nickname is “Gillette” cuz, “I’m the best a man can get.”

Here’s Heather doing some A/B testing with a wingman–

heather doing a-b testing

who’s the professor? (Midas Muffler, think also Prof Bruce)

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