Solar Roadways

By Bruce Firestone | Real Estate

Dec 23

This is a potential game changer for how cities are built, powered, animated, and experienced, especially for northern shelf urban areas:

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postscript: a client of mine writes to me saying he wants wants a driveway like this. Here’s how I answered him:

I was thinking exactly the same thing, Rob.

Imagine if your are a senior; you want to stay in your home/your community and not move to a vertical warehouse (aka retirement residence) where your only purpose is to await death.

But hold on.

Your main issue is snow removal from your walkway, steps and driveway. You’ve hired snow clearing companies in the past for $650 a season who have promised to not only plow your driveway but shovel your walkway and stairs.

The problem?

They come at 3 am and find a car parked in the driveway so they pass on by.

You get up and run down the road yelling after them, “Come back! Come back!” but the operator has been working 18 hours straight and is so zoned out, you could stand in front of his plow and he would have no idea you were even there.

So the next day you call the service. They’re busy. You call again. You leave a series of voicemails. Finally, you run out of food, and go out and dig yourself out because there is no help coming from anyone.

This is a true story (mine).

Best, Bruce

postscript 2: another thought occurs to me. Imagine, if you will, what a parking lot like the 7,000-vehicle lot at Canadian Tire Centre (where the NHL’s Ottawa Senators play) would look like if it was done this way. Not only would the team save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by not having to clear and remove snow, it could turn the whole area into a giant sponsorship, flat panel display. That is especially important in small markets where signage and sponsorship revenues are the difference between life and death for pro teams (in terms of their financial position.)

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