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Jan 02

do you call a sci-fi novel without villains? DOA.

Book 2, Quantum Entity | American Spring, readers will meet some really bad
guys called Sinofighters. These are not the cute, cuddly, friendly Quantum
Entities from Book 1 (we are all ONE).

a brief description of quantum-based Sinofighters from Book 2:

are led by Ti3-Gu41*. Each Sinofighter freed from its console homebase appears
larger than life. Most of them are just over two and a half metres tall with
large square heads, rectangular mouths that appear to have metal teeth in them
(it’s an illusion designed to frighten and cow people) and powerful square
bodies. They carry virtual Jiujiebian (nine section whips) that can destroy a
person in as few as four strokes.

are also deadly in hand to hand combat since they have the ability to put their
hand inside a living being and rip its organs out or otherwise disrupt living
tissue. They are designed for maximum destructive power, up close and personal.
None of this long distance fighting with rifles, mortar, artillery, cannon,
missiles or lasers.

creatures have powerful arms and dexterous six fingered hands (one thumb and five
long fingers that can grasp (fold or curl) upwards as well as downwards—they
are bi-directional unlike human hands).

have a command and control hierarchy. The taller the Sinofighter, the higher
its rank. Ti3-Gu41 is three metres tall, exactly three.

also have another weapon which is about to be demonstrated—they are capable of
mass destruction but in a way that leaves property and the natural environment
unharmed. They only kill people, en masse.”


from Book 2, Quantum Entity | American Spring to be released March 2013.


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