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Sens Mascot: Marvin the Martian, Spartacat or Hamburglar?

Andrew Hammond, Ottawa Senators Goalie, Makes Star Turn as Hamburglar

Back in the day, the Sens originally wanted Warner Brothers’ Marvin the Martian as their mascot. Marvin was consistent with the Roman Senator theme that was about to make an appearance on modern era Ottawa Senators jerseys. 

But WB wanted a royalty for each piece of merchandise sold–the Sens told them, “You ought to be paying us instead. We’ll bring Marvin back just like we’re bringing back the Senators (after not playing a NHL game for nearly 60 years). Millions of kids will be re-introduced to your character.”

Warner Brothers laughed.

So Spartacat was born; he was the Sens most popular “player” in a tough year one for the franchise.

Compare WB’s reaction to that of McDonald corporation’s take on the recent love affair between Sens fans and rookie goalie sensation, Andrew Hammond, nicknamed the Hamburglar since his college days playing for Bowling Green State University’s Falcons. Did they sue him and the club for infringement of their trademark? 

No, they did not; instead they offered Mr Hammond hamburgers for life, and tonight when the team faces the Boston Bruins in a final push to make the 2014/15 playoffs, 10,000 Hamburglar masks will be handed out to the first fans arriving at Canadian Tire Centre.

Here’s how Yahoo Sports covered this:

Goalie Andrew Hammond of the Ottawa Senators has had a Whopper of a season, backstopping the Five Guys in front of him with a 10-0-1 record in 12 starts, surprising the playoff bubble like a Jack In The Box while opponents Shake (Shack) their heads in disbelief.Greg WyshynskiPuck Daddy March 17, 2015

Mr Hammond, if he and his team can hold the Bruins to 2 or fewer goals, will surpass a record that has stood since Dec 27, 1938. That was when (ironically) Boston Bruins netminder Frank Brimsek set the record for most consecutive career starts (12) with 2 or fewer goals. 

Go Andrew. Go Sens.

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postscript: Sens 6 Bruins 4, Sens now 2 points behind Bruins for final wildcard playoff spot, 12 games remaining, 1 game in hand

If the Sens make the playoffs in 2014/15, it’s possible that this might be an even more unlikely run than their first appearance in the annual Stanley Cup derby in the modern era, in their firth season, 1996/97.

When the Senators visited the Buffalo Sabres on the 10th of February 2015, their record was 20-22-9, and they were 14 points behind the Bruins for the final playoff spot. 


Back in 96/97, the Sens made the playoffs in their final regular season game. It was either win and in for the Sens or lose and miss the playoffs again. They won 1-0 on a late goal by defenseman Steve Deschenes, on a perfect pass from Alexei Yashin from the half boards. 

I remember my mother, who loved hockey even more than I do (she got that from her father, a Russian), calling me about halfway through the 3rd period and saying, “Don’t worry they’re going to score.” A few minutes later, they did. My mother always had what Stephen King would call “the shine”.

My youngest son, Matthew, reminds me, “This year’s team is very reminiscent of the 96/97 team, which went 10-4-2 and, of course, won the final game 1-0 to earn their 1st playoff birth.”

So which run is more impressive? That won’t be possible to say until the 2014/15 regular season is complete. Stay tuned.

postscript: here’s a joke circulating around Bruins dressing room these days–


Who’s there?

The Sens

Are you frigging kidding me?

Here’s an alternate ending provided by Giovanni Falcone ‏@GioFalc

They open the door and find a single lone hamburger there, with a note saying “We’re coming.” 😉

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