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Jan 17

Keynote By Bruce M Firestone, PhD


Developed nations are divided into three classes today—people, mostly government workers, with defined benefit pension plans, which take all the risk out of their retirement, the top 1% who in 2012 had a 19.3% share of US national income (up from just 7.7% in 1973) and everyone else. This keynote speech by Bruce M Firestone, PhD, is for the latter—the 80% of the working population who have to fend for themselves.


In his keynote, Firestone lays out an alternative retirement strategy based on real estate for people fed up with the advice they’ve been getting from financial advisors. As the title says, it works at any age—whether you are 25, 35, 55 or even 75 although it works better at 35 or 55 than at 75.

“Having Dr Firestone at was a huge success. I heard nothing but positive feedback from all our delegates. One delegate said she would have listened to him speak all day. His message was inspiring, and the delivery very relatable and down to earth,” Amy Malyon, Event Coordinator, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, October 2013

Bruce also talks about how he got his start in real estate in his late 20s with just $10,000 for a downpayment and a yard of guts, which he invested in a faltering business that he turned into a commercial real estate empire; this became the foundation for a successful bid to bring the National Hockey League back to Ottawa after a nearly 60-year hiatus.

He put it all on the line, risking tens of millions of dollars, to bring the Senators back to Ottawa. It became a high tension, multi-faceted endeavor with all the suspense of a Borgia series, with competing cities and political interests aligned against his team’s bid. Their resulting success changed the city and brought a sense of pride to all of Canada at a time when the country was already going through another tough recession and had lost two existing NHL teams, in Quebec and Winnipeg.


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